Suspicious? You decide...

BBC related crime in here.

Suspicious? You decide...

Postby Tattooer » Sat Jan 26, 2013 1:44 am

Lot of threatening letters from TVL lately... also phone calls asking if I am MR. *^%$, I replied there is no MR.*^%$ here but I am *^%$ of the family *^%$. In disgust she huffed and slammed the phone down. No worries though as this number is a business number not tied to the home address, so no gain there.

A few days later a letter arrived through the door which seemed highly suspicious, maybe me but you cant be too careful!

Heres why...

To cut a long story short I have a static pension that is held with Aviva (passed around many companies before ending up there). Having spoken to them direct recently, passing security and quoting my name and address, all details were confirmed present and correct. However the letter received stated in the top left corner in HUGE bold letters 'CAPITA' and 'Aviva' the size of a postage stamp on the oposite side lower down. At the bottom in very small print 'CAPITA' People and Data Tracing Solutions' . Mmmmm :puzz:

The letter suggested that I fill in a form to confirm my address as Aviva had sent a couple of letters to me recently that had been returned to them as 'undeliverable'? Ok, so I recently spoke to you and have received a letter since! So being highly suspicious of all these modern day crooks I went about checking out Capitas website to see just who is it they subcontract to what they do (apart from rob people) and sure enough many insurance/pension companys listed, but Aviva not listed anywhere!

So I decided to contact Aviva direct to yet again confirm my details, and sure enough they confirmed all was well. On discussing this letter with the well rehearsed robot, she stated that sometimes they use Capita to trace people and that I should ought to fill the form in to keep everything tidy... 'Really' I said. I then proceeded to tell her that I do not appreciate a third party interloper meddling in my private affairs and that they have no business contacting me! Therefore, you can call them and tell them yourself that reference number: *&*^% has contacted you and that their services are not required!

My point is that I know its a longshot, could be legitamate or a massive coincidence, but nevertheless you dont know what these scum will stoop to to gain information! More to the point Capita is Capita whether they are TVL, People Tracing or whatever else they do (one database accessible to all and sundry no doubt)!

Better forewarned than not at all, could be innocent but you never know as their old tactics arent working so well now!

Food for thought... :thinks: Hope this helps.
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Re: Suspicious? You decide...

Postby pitano1 » Sat Jan 26, 2013 8:50 am

hi tattooer.

their is some good advice/info

another tactic,that they are now employing.`INDIAN CALLCENTRES`.. :giggle:

so in the light of the antics/desperate measures i have personally witnessed
from this nasty niff,of a company caution is the best strategy.

i got pissed off with their threatogram`s,and wrote to them.

all i have had since` are the crafty phone calls.
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Re: Suspicious? You decide...

Postby Tattooer » Sat Jan 26, 2013 8:49 pm

Indian call centres!!!! Fk me I've heard it all now :giggle: , had plenty of dealings with them in the past with BT, suffice to say they are now history... Good Riddance!

Many thanks pitano1
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