First visit.

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First visit.

Postby nihilist » Thu Dec 22, 2011 10:58 am

Hi all,
as i've explained on someone else's post i've received multiple letters that seem to go round in a cycle before resetting.
Today i received a new one which looks like it's the first time they have actually done a visit because it's hand posted and has a signature of the officer etc.

It's an FEO/02/11/E and it says "please open straight away" above it. So i did, and then binned it as usual.

I still think i am doing the best thing in my circumstance(no contact and binning the letters) because they will just keep wondering whether there is a tv at this address or not. And the funny thing is, there isn't, not even a monitor or mobile phone. So the more i waste their time the less time they have on their hands to visit someone else.

It's a council property, so i don't mind if they break the door down with a warrant. Can they do that?.....
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Re: First visit.

Postby MikeThomas » Thu Dec 22, 2011 12:18 pm

In order to get a warrant to break down your door, TVLA will have to produce concrete evidence to the Magistrate. Evidence must include your full name and any evidence that you actually have a TV.
As you don't have a TV why not have some fun with this and expose the whole ridiculous situation. When TVLA call again give them your name and tell 'em to fuck off! They may get a warrant or not. If they do make sure you have fee schedule in place and take a few fiats off them \ :yes:
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Re: First visit.

Postby jaybee » Mon Dec 26, 2011 1:05 am

They won't be breaking down anyone's door. First, it's highly unlikely that a warrant will happen. Second, they will have assessed that someone will be answering the door, and they will just push into the residence as soon as the front door is opened. If the situation does become difficult for them and they can't get in, the attending police officer will assess if there has been obstruction to the execution of a warrant, and it then becomes a police matter. From previous instances (very few) of TVL warrants, there has been a weaker person in the household that will give in to their aggressive behaviour and let them proceed with the warrant. If they get unlucky and no-one is in when they call, they will just go away and probably not return.
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