Let’s Give Austerity to RTE and the BBC!

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Let’s Give Austerity to RTE and the BBC!

Postby pedawson » Sat Jun 04, 2011 9:32 am

The Sovereign Independent wrote:let me suggest that if the state wants ‘AUSTERITY’, that we give the state ‘AUSTERITY’ on our terms in ways which we can affect them without breaking the law.

The Sovereign Independent wrote:
No Contract – Return to Sender: Let’s Give Austerity to RTE and the BBC!


By Neil Foster – The Sovereign Independent –

I don’t know about you but, as far as state sponsored television is concerned, I’m very much in the ‘what a waste of taxpayer’s money’ camp.

In the UK we have the BBC which is a worldwide propaganda machine being well oiled by gullible taxpayers who are blissfully unaware that they’re being fed a constant diet of propaganda via soaps, documentaries and so called ‘news’ PROGRAMS. The only thing you don’t get on the BBC is mindless adverts for junk you can’t afford unless it’s their own ads for their own junk products of course.

RTE in Ireland differs in that you get the mindless adverts for junk you can’t afford as well as the propaganda.

However, the real issue here is that we all pay what is called a TV License to the government to hand over to the respective broadcasters to fill our screens with their PROGRAMS; the government AUTHORISED PROGRAMS.

If you’re happy with that then the brainwashing has done its job on you; if not then keep reading.

Communications Minister, Pat Rabbitte of the Labour Party in Ireland has suggested that RTE has to cut costs through wage cuts. Yep, wage cuts being advocated by a party who supposedly support the poor advocating wage cuts for ordinary working people who are already suffering close to destitution through massive, already imposed tax hikes and other large tax grabs still to come including a housing charge and water charges in the wettest country in Europe… Funny huh?


These wage cuts will only apply to the lower end of the wage slave totem pole and will not apply to the ‘stars’ who all enjoy 6 figure salaries to push government propaganda directly into your living room and implant it in your mind.

How about RTE gets rid of those to start with and leave the workers alone to scrape by on what they have?

Anyway… getting back to the real reason for this article.

There is no law which can force you to pay a TV License to RTE or the BBC!


The TV License is a CONTRACT.

CONTRACTS must be agreed between two or more parties.

In the case of the TV License the government demands the money from you through the issuance of a contract which they never tell you is a contract. In other words, they act with deceit. Nothing new there then!

However, they can only make that demand if you agree to their terms and conditions by engaging in the contract agreement with them by filling in your details on their contract form. And guess what…. YOU DON’T HAVE TO!

If you do contract then you have to pay, because you’ve agreed to pay.

However, there is a simple way to avoid this deceitful trap conveniently posted through your letterbox.

If you are a new occupier of a property, you’ll get a letter through the door from the TV Licensing authority in whatever jurisdiction you’re in, either from the BBC or RTE addressed to the ‘Legal Occupier’ or equivalent in Ireland.

The way to deal with this is, firstly, not to open the letter and to simply stick a label over the address panel stating in nice bold letters:








You then put it in a post box and it will be returned to them. This will result in further letters, in my case 3, which you simply treat in exactly the same manner, returning them without opening them. I have done this and have now gone full circle whereby I have just received the same style of letter as the first one I received. This seems to follow a 6 month cycle which is the standard letting term here. I guess they’re hoping that a new tennent has now moved in to this address whom they can now attempt to deceive.

If you already have a TV License it will lapse on the anniversary of your previous year’s payment. Regardless of whether your name is on the envelope, you treat it in exactly the same way as above as the TV License is an annual contract.


You have no obligation or liability to pay any fee to the BBC or RTE unless you contract with them.

This is just a small piece of the puzzle in terms of fees and fines the state deceives the public into believing they are liable for. Others include parking fines, speeding fines, non-payment of business rates and other such victimless ‘crimes’ which contravene Common Law.

Under Common Law, the prevailing law of the land in Britain and Ireland, there must be a victim.

In this age of ‘AUSTERITY’, where we’re being told we must cut back on our own essential needs and wants, let me suggest that if the state wants ‘AUSTERITY’, that we give the state ‘AUSTERITY’ on our terms in ways which we can affect them without breaking the law.

Non-payment of the TV License is one such method which all of us should use to keep a little more of our own money for the welfare of our own families instead of feeding fat cat parasitic ‘stars’ and the executives of RTE and the BBC!
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Re: Let’s Give Austerity to RTE and the BBC!

Postby johnnyprimed » Tue Jul 12, 2011 10:00 pm

he he he... Nice, Just the information I was looking for.

I thought this was the case, that there was no contract.

Just out of curiosity, if I got a new TV license say, at the beginning of this year, does that mean I need to go full circle until next year until I can lawfully opt out of the contract???

Any help would be gladly welcomed. Many thanks in advance,

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Re: Let’s Give Austerity to RTE and the BBC!

Postby Tattooer » Sun Jan 27, 2013 4:41 pm

I would suggest that the contract becomes 'null and void' when you say it does as you did not agree in the first place... i.e you no longer wish to contract. However seeing as you still appear to be within your contract period it would be wise to just let it 'naturally run out', and use the time wisely as you will not receive a refund. When it has the 'choice will be yours' my friend! It is then entirely up to you with regards the course of action you would prefer to take. Have fun at their expense or just ignore! But please be sure to do your homework in the meantime. One wouldn't want to hang thyself... :peace:
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