T.v Licence Issues - Help Needed.

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T.v Licence Issues - Help Needed.

Postby allonamistmorning » Wed Mar 16, 2011 2:29 pm

Today, a letter was pushed through my door from a 'Marston Group, High Court Enforcement Officers & Certificated Bailiffs' (sic)

It stated:

Client: HMCS Liverpool

Offence: No T.V Licence

Outstanding Amount including fine and fees £325.00

Due to your failure to pay an outstanding magistrates fine an officer has today attended your premises to arrange payment or the removal of your goods.
Further notice prior to removal is not legally required

then in a nice little pink box below 'In certain circumstances there is power to enter property using reasonable force to execute a Magistrates Court Warrant.'

'It is recognized that this matter may have been overlooked and the purpose of today's attendance was to provide you a final chance to pay before seizure of goods.' (thanks, very kind of you)

This is the first myself or my Mrs has heard about any fine.

When we moved into our house we set up (like good boys and girls) paying our T.V Licence using the paypoint system (i.e pay using a card each month in the local corner shop). We never did get a payment card to allow us to use method we chose, so (again like good boys and girls), we called them to tell them we hadn't received said card and could they please send us another one. We didn't get that one either. So, with no way of being able to pay them, we didn't. We then received a letter saying they were taking my good lady to court over not having a t.v licence. She phoned the lovely people of the t.v. licence, explained the situation and said she was happy to pay the money, there was no need for court, and could we just have (yet) another card. The next letter was the one explained above.

Not only were we happy to pay in the first place, we now have to pay a fine we didn't know we had (plus grubby-mitted, snout-nosed bailiff costs).

I'm not sure what my next move should be as I've only recently started looking into common law vs statute law etc. Any help you could give me would be greatly appreciated. I'm concerned they will come back when I'm not around (with my limited knowledge) and bully my Mrs. (Aren't I sweet).

Joking aside, what can I Do to sort it?

Thanks in advance.
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