BBC related crime in here.


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Hi all.
When i first started to fight back and came across VC compliments of my wife my first job was to install my denied rights of access on MY front door . This i later found out has played a great part in keeping the brainwashing BBC twats away from my door. After telling them i do not use my TV to watch their shit or anyone elses and did not need a licence the next time they called they must have walked away as i received a letter thanking me for telling them and as i had a denied rights of access they would not call again for two years but still had "other means" to check?..... :giggle: I read recently that the TV licence whores will not approach a property that displays a denied right of access on instructions from the BBC as they are aware that it is trespassing and HAVE been prosecuted and WILL honor it ! currently there are 7000 UK households that have a denied right of access that the BBC leave alone! GET ONE and tell them you do not have a licence as you do not need one as you do not use it to watch TV. IT WORKS TRUST ME! :yes:
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