License fee is for a permission ONLY, not for the BBC!

BBC related crime in here.

License fee is for a permission ONLY, not for the BBC!

Postby e11 » Tue Apr 22, 2014 12:05 pm

I had an ongoing dispute with TV licensing just hoping to get them to slip up or admit anything I could use. I got this, which I will break down by the numbers:


1. All license payers are NOT paying for BBC production costs, or BBC services as previously thought. According to them, the $4 billion is simply paid for a "legal permission". That is a lot of money to be paying for "permission". At the end of that paragraph he states that it isn't subject to a contract. This is false and misleading because all legislation is contractual.

2. I have circled out where it says "Not governed by contractual or consumer protection legislation". Note that the key word here is underlined in Blue "legislation". Yes, it may not be covered by contractual legislation, but it is however covered by contractual LAW, which supersedes legislation. This is deceptive and on first glance appears as if it is not covered by "contract". The Communications Act 2003 is a ContrACT. This is why you COULD be liable to prosecution, not that you WILL BE liable for prosecution.

In Closing, obviously we know the BBC receive this money, but the above shows how sneaky their responses are
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