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Impressment - The press gang. All quotes from:- (I know wikipedia sucks but it has its uses.)

I believe the following to be the basis for the government's position that a birthed man must remain birthed for life:
There was no concept of "joining the navy" as a fixed career-path for non-officers at the time since seamen remained attached to a ship only for the duration of its commission.

I suggest that the duration of the commission for the fictional vessels upon which we are birthed is the life-span of the man who is so birthed.

Impressment is the practice of forcing people to work at a job against their will. Traditionally for the Royal Navy but not limited to it. All emphasis added by me.
British impressment ended, in practice but not law after 1814, at the end of the Napoleonic Wars.[22] In 1835 legislation was passed exempting seamen who had been pressed and subsequently served for more than five years from further impressment. The practice had however fallen into abeyance well before that date, although the opportunity was taken to state that the Crown still had the right of impressment if necessary. ...

The last law was passed in 1835, in which the power to impress was reaffirmed. This limited the length of service of a pressed man to five years, and added the provision that a man could not be pressed twice. Although Britain abandoned the
practice of impressment in 1815, impressment remained legal until the early 1900s, and the various laws authorising impressment have never been repealed.

Seamen were not covered by the Magna Carta and "failure to allow oneself to be pressed" was punishable by hanging - although the punishment became less severe over time.

Right there is evidence that being birthed changes your jurisdiction from the Law of the Land to the admiralty law!


Impressment is nothing more than legalised slavery despite the political excuses that have been used for enforcing it. It would seem that SLAVERY IS STILL LEGAL IN THIS COUNTRY!!!! HOLY SHIT!!! NO WONDER THE GOVERNMENT TREATS INFORMATION REGARDING THE BIRTH CERTIFICATE AS TOP SECRET.

This is the final piece in the jig-saw puzzle I've been putting together for years. We now know the basis on which the authorities act to force us to play a role against our will! We now know why they are prone to back down rather suddenly when someone brings up "slavery" in court...

More investigation is clearly needed but I think I finally have it sussed.
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