Public Order Offence

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Public Order Offence

Postby technique » Sun Jun 30, 2019 10:42 pm

I was charged with a Public order offence and convicted in December 2018 after the magistrate (not magistrates bc only one magistrate was on the bench,which was a judge).He had me removed from the court by security after I was claimed common law jurisdiction and he found me guilty in my absence.

I appealed this conviction and claimed common law jurisdiction in April 2019 at crown court (I was told it was still a magistrates appeal).The judge (recorder) failed to honor his common law oath on three separate occasions (maritime,Admiralty and Canon Law) therefore,I was the highest authority in court,and I dismissed the appeal.

The trouble is,the judge relisted the appeal for another day,which I did told him,I do not consent to relist the appeal.The judge said he was relisting the appeal bc he did not understand what I was doing,claiming common law jurisdiction.He asked me to explain about the fictional/corporate person and the living man,which I explained.The judge was a recorder,he knew what I was doing but still tried to pull the wool over my eyes.

I need help on what to do next bc I'm not attending the relisting of my appeal.I believe my appeal and conviction was won due to the judge failing to honor his common law oath and abandoning the court therefore,I was the highest authority in court and I dismissed my appeal.

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