tv license inspectors

tv license inspectors

Postby dazz1 » Thu Dec 08, 2011 9:10 pm

Hi all i have received a letter telling me that i can expect a visit from tv licensing on the 19th dec/11, i am well aware of the importance of removing all and any implied right of access, but also mentioned in the letter is a hint of the threat of seeking a court order, can someone please shed some light on what will happen if they do seek a court order?, and what i could do if they were to show up at my door with a court order, any info you can share with me will be greatly appreciated..

thanks all

Regards, Dazz
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Re: tv license inspectors

Postby pitano1 » Thu Dec 08, 2011 10:45 pm

was the letter to your fictional entity,or the occupior.

have a look at info on forum..loads of info here,under tv licence
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Re: tv license inspectors

Postby Nemesis » Fri Dec 09, 2011 2:05 am

Hi Dazz.

For everything you need to know about the BBC TV license:
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Re: tv license inspectors

Postby jonboy » Fri Dec 09, 2011 8:58 am

Hi, click this link, It explains in detail the repetetive, misleading nature of letters from TVL. Also goes into detail about the lies and false signatures found on the letters. If you click all the pages on the site.

Do not respond to the letters.
Do not answer your door to the monkeys that come round.
You will not have to go to court unless you allow them in.
It is a scam. Their latest TV ad, targeted at students, is disgracefully misleading. And attempts to convince students, that they need a TV licence for owning a laptop.

You will enjoy the site, the guy on there has not paid since 2005. :yes:
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Re: tv license inspectors

Postby OffTheGrid » Fri Dec 09, 2011 9:42 am

Hi Dazz, although I am a new member here and this is only my 3rd/4th post I can tell you about my experience with TVL:
I have NEVER had a tv licence and NEVER been taken to court by them,and I am now in my 50s. How do I get away with it? easy, I never answer letters from them, but I never hide from them either, if they come to my door it usualy goes something like this:
"Hi, are you the occupier?"
"I am from the TVL, may I ask your name please?"
you may ask
"erm,ok, what is your name please?"
none of your business
"Do you have a TV?"
none of your business
"Do you have a TVL?"
also none of your business
Then it goes into variations of "do you know operating without blah blah blah".
Eventualy leading to them either going back down the path using a few "it will be investigated" or "thank you for your time",depending on the person who called.
But at NO TIME has it ever gone further than that,EVER.
They have even called when the tv has been on, but they get the same answers.
I have been doing this not because I knew about the law, or freemen stuff,my knowledge on that has only come about recently, but because as far as I am concerned,its my right to tell anyone to "mind their own business" when they are standing at MY door"
Hope this helps.
Bear in mind this is all done in a nice,calm manner,and never gets argumentative
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Re: tv license inspectors

Postby dazz1 » Fri Dec 09, 2011 1:15 pm

Thank you kindly for all replies... most helpful
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Re: tv license inspectors

Postby chomerly » Wed Dec 21, 2011 5:34 pm

Personally, i would respond to them.

I would send them a letter stating that there is no one living there with the title Mr. I would also include a notice of removal of implied right of access.

Do this as soon as and make it clear that if they trespass on your property for that you will call the police and they are liable to a tort of trespass and will be subject to a fine.

The letters usually start once there is a record of a TV being sold to an address.
This is the only way they get your name and this is when they start to bombard you with repetitive threats until they eventually turn up on your doorstep.
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Re: tv license inspectors

Postby cammie » Thu Jun 02, 2016 10:15 am

Hi Chomerly,

I am touching this thread after 5 and half years, reason being that I am facing similar situation now. I have already taken the TV license but they are unnecessarily harassing me by saying that my licence is not valid. Whatever letters they are sending me, I am replying them in a polite manner. But still their tail didn't straightened. I called TV license Customer Support service executive and also asked them about the validity of the TV license. They assured me 100% validity of the license. Now I am thinking that whenever I again receive letter from them, I'll straightly take the advice of the concerned lawyer and file harassment suit against them.
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Re: tv license inspectors

Postby chomerly » Thu Jun 02, 2016 11:10 am

Hi Cammie,

My only advice to you now would be to send them a more serious letter.
Something that would certainly be acknowledged as a letter of severe complaint.
Something like what i have typed below.

To whom it may concern,

I am writing to inform you, and complain, about the manner in which i am being treated by your company.

I purchased a television license on (INSERT DATE) which is valid until (INSERT DATE).
Even so i find myself having to deal with your company/corporation because, apparently, my current television license is invalid. Why this is the case i have no idea but even though i have spoken to various people at your customer services department, whom have confirmed and acknowledged the validity of the license, i am still receiving threatening letters from you.
This is totally unacceptable.
I have done everything within my power to help in correcting this matter but have seemingly failed due to information that has been requested not being used in accordance to your own guidelines.
I now have no other choice but to consider the behaviour and attitude i have experienced from your company/corporation as harassment.

I wish to place it on record that from this point forward that i am refusing to acknowledge your company/corporation with regards to my television license.
I have no idea how many people i am supposed to speak to at your company/corporation in order to make it clear, and get acknowledgement of the fact, that my license is valid and has been since the day of purchase. What i do have an idea of however, is the inability of your company/corporation to make sure any and all information with regards to license holders is kept up to date so situations such as i am experiencing do not happen.
This is clearly a failing on your part.
I am also demanding that all letters, visits and phone calls cease immediately, and that any visits, planned or otherwise, to my property are rescinded WITH IMMEDIATE EFFECT from the date upon which the included notice is received.
I will also be giving serious consideration as to whether i shall renew my current license once it has actually expired.
Should i choose to not renew the license the included notice will stand until i deem otherwise.

I hope this letter, and included notice, serves as a reminder that as a publicly funded private company/corporation, you (TV Licensing) are equally accountable, and liable, as any other company/corporation for harassment.

Yours Sincerely,

(Include a Notice of Removal of Implied Right of Access and amend to your needs)

Hopefully you can make some use of it. Someone else may come along shortly to help out a little more, and be a little clearer, than i have.
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Re: tv license inspectors

Postby cammie » Thu Jun 02, 2016 11:51 am

Thanks chomerly for your advice. I just want ask one more thing what to do in case if they give no reply to this letter. Should I ask TV License Customer Services here about receiving of the letter. Please guide me on this point alsp.
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