The Free Will can of worms

The Free Will can of worms

Postby Freeman420 » Sat Sep 22, 2018 11:08 am

A lot of FMOTL stuff is based on the idea of free will.

Unfortunately it can be shown scientifically that free will is an illusion. This is starting to have impact in courts of law so I thought I would bring it to your attention.
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Re: The Free Will can of worms

Postby enegiss » Tue Oct 09, 2018 6:15 pm

It seems to be primal urges, Man just decides how they are used once they arise. Training one's "self" to dismiss the emotional crap (synthetic non sense ), one can deduce where one's actions will travel using the sense's available, the definition of freewill is not in and of itself freewill, what is meant by freewill, is the ability to live without another defining ones potential of Unique life experience, that the dream of life offer's All of Magnificent Man. lets just say we "will" according to prior stimuli, all is mental excitation, there isn't somewhere to journey to, only experience, one needs not be bound by one's Urge's. its a choice to react or not.

Materialism in its suggested nature is determined by the Qualia and innerstanding of the mental framework one's urges have pushed the psyche to Discern. one needs not jump to the other side of a room for a breath, nor is the sun not going to shine tomorrow. Without a "third party" "explaining and defining what freewill is or is not, then every one has undefined life, to spend as freely as we desire, not needing the "freewill" definition of another Mans idea of what his mind brings forth for him and only him. bring "no free will to explain itself", that's right, it cant, its just in your head, another nonsensical offer of "The system" aimed to further the spin that people get caught up in from other fecking idiots who will believe any old sophistry, so long as it sounds like baffling bollox that cant be argued, because, Muh Freewill. lol
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