NOUICOR, solicitors and agents

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NOUICOR, solicitors and agents

Postby Synesius » Thu Dec 24, 2009 7:09 pm

If I have originated the process of NOUICOR with 'B' and without any responses from 'B', I get a letter from a
solicitor acting on behalf of 'B', can I refuse to deal with the solicitor as a third party or
do I need to specify something in the NOUICOR documents?. Can I refuse to contract with them?

This brings up an additional point of the use of agents by 'B', any kowlegde on this please?

Thanks all
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Re: NOUICOR, solicitors and agents

Postby emmanualgoldstein » Fri Dec 25, 2009 6:40 am

I dont understand why you want to refuse to contract, what can the lawyer do? Tell you that you understand something you dont? You can (if you wish) insist that the lawyer provides signed evidence that he has the permission to act on behalf of 'B', but you can also state it plainly "no sorry, this will not help the case of the human being concerned with the notice if they cannot reply to it themselves". You are free to contract in any way you choose, unless you have previously contracted to allow an agent, or allowed such a presumption to be made by the other party. Dont reply to the lawyer as if he were the true agent, and then back out later saying you refuse to talk to an agent. I dont really understand why you would want to do this though. Its great when these notices go on uncontested, but the mere fact that yours has at least been acknowledged, at the present time in the freeman movement is something you could really capitalise on to educate us all.
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