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Postby FreeSpirit » Mon Oct 12, 2009 11:50 am

Why not tell him you don't consent to abandoning your sovereign rights by being represented by a solicitor? Tell him that's the very issue you're concerned about, and his advice that you should surrender your rights has done nothing to allay your fears. Ask him if he could (theoretically) represent you to parliament without you having to forego these sovereign rights - you might also want to clarify that he can represent parliament to you without you having to give up these rights before you meet? If you agree to have him represent you to parliament do you automatically become an imbecilic child in the eyes of the law by dint of the fact you are admitting you need representation? Could you not still do this by email? This may, of course, continue to frighten the s*@t out of him. You would also be giving the game away before you get there and he may continue to decline to answer.

Otherwise ...

I think you have already established that your purpose in meeting him is to have him represent parliament to you and not the other way round. You could just book an appointment for his surgery (stating all rights reserved when you do so) as he suggested and when you get there and sit down, plonk the recorder on his desk (recording) and say "I hope you don't mind me recording this conversation so I have an accurate record of what's been said for future use" and then ask your first question immediately before he has a chance to object. If he takes issue with it, ask why - he's not planning on telling you lies, is he? Ask why ANYONE should agree to be represented by someone who is frightened of being held accountable? MP’s are recorded all the time - is FEAR the hallmark of an open, honest, trustworthy individual? It'd be harder for him to decline and throw you out once you're there than just not to pursue the meeting in the first place - especially since you will be recording his answers! Will he want to be arguing on tape? I’m no expert and these are just my thoughts but I hope they help.
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