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First contact

Postby consumerpada » Tue Jul 07, 2009 10:37 am


I am Kenny-lee (of the Lewis family) a freeman as commonly defined by known noble freemen on the land and defined commonly within noble families.

I claim my family is also free-on-the-land and has its own unique cultural heritage and belief system; the family are part of the indigenous people of the land. Who where organised into family clans.

I will honour my family and account for their presence and identities.

A trust was established approximately 01-05-06 by the trustee to take positive action in support of trust directives.

and in order to form a more perfect Union on the land, nourish Justice, insure domestic tranquility, provide for the common good, promote the general welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, I ordain and establish this Trust for the benefit of the heirs and beneficiaries.


The Trust reserves the right to query Jurisdiction of courts.

Heirs and beneficiaries of the trust are within the jurisdiction of the central family ledger which is held by the Trustee.

The trust is unable to reference treaty of proof from any external party allowing Jurisdiction over freemen-on-the-land or the indigenous people of the land except it being clear that the indigenous people of the land were forced to submit and put down over centuries.

The Trustee is obliged and bound to common law and knows ‘peace and goodwill on the land and cause no loss.’

The family moral, ethical and cultural belief system is upheld through the trust that ensures family wellbeing (mind, body, soul)

This is a peace treaty in honour of the bloodlines of all the families of the ancestors of the common people freemen-on-the-land and the indigenous people of the lands.

Government and other services are of great value and are supported. The accounting directives of the family ledger will always ensure government service proliferation based on free-choice contract creation, verified contracts are secure when validated by the trustee who is obliged to maintain honourable contracts.

The Trust recognises the following as remedy:

Diplomatic Privileges Act 1964
State Immunity Act 1978
Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations and Optional Protocols

Primary family trust directives:

Preservation and support of: Family and Cultural Heritage, Cultural Identity, Inalienable freedoms, free trade.

Service to the common law principles: peace and goodwill on the land. Cause no loss.

Excellence in: education, support of local community.

Freedom from: commercial pressure, commercial entities and agencies.

The Trustee is a free-man-on-the-land and has accepted and is responsible and fully obliged to ensure that the family trust is upheld as stated in particulars.

Non Negotiable Particulars:

The trust reserves the right to represent, preserve and maintain to uphold the Natural, Statutory, Family and Common law right(s) of the ‘heirs and beneficiaries’ and the trustee shall always act as Litigant in Person on order to represent preserve and uphold the Natural, Statutory, Family and Common law right(s) of the ‘heirs and beneficiaries’ according to the trust directives.

The trust reserves the right to uphold the rights of ‘heirs and beneficiaries’ where consent is given. Where consent is not given for some reason, the trust reserves the right to determine the circumstances and judge accordingly according to trust directives

The trust reserves the right to verify (through the actions of the trustee) ANY third party who lays ANY claim of ANY nature to ANY member of ‘the family’ that may conflict with the trust directives.

A third party can represent a beneficiary if written consent is given by beneficiary, if written consent is not given (not verified) the trust reserves the right to determine the circumstances and judge according to trust directives.

The trustee shall maintain a central family ledger in keeping with HM treasury statutory advice.

Equality is paramount before the law.

Negotiable Particulars

All contracts and services are negotiable within terms and conditions subject to the trust.

Trustee Oath and Claim.

I, Kenny-lee: Lewis™, Creditor, Agent acting in full capacity as Author and Trustee, a flesh and blood human being in possession of a sovereign and individual spirit, a living soul, do hereby make Oath and state the following is my Truth and my Lawful Intent.

Whereas I fully cognize :

The United Kingdom is a common law jurisdiction enjoying the protection of common law where equality before the law is paramount and mandatory, equal rights for all regardless, without exception.

A Claim of Right establishes 'lawful excuse’, a tenet of common law.

A Conscientious objection establishes 'lawful reason’ in abeyance or not to any act,

I object to public funds being poorly allocated and claim the right to account for my own.

The Law provides remedy at all times.

I have the right be self governed in so doing exist free of government control, I have the right act as litigant in person.

The law of agent and principal applies and that service upon one is service upon both,

The universal maxim of law, to wit; the partner (Government) of my partner (KENNY LEWIS) is not my partner (Kenny-lee: Lewis) applies herein and is in full force and effect,

All Acts are statutes restricted in scope and applicability by the British Constitution and common law,

Statutory advice is also my right and the providers of services are obliged to declare what their statutory obligations are.

I believe there are members of families in the House of Lords that agree, as do I, that all services provided by the United Kingdom are to support human rights and should be free for all humans or are paid for by the United Kingdom and being served valuable services by the United Kingdom does not forfeit my rights,

That for all commercial and legal purposes my signature is as good as gold and I must act accordingly and responsibly.

I reserve to right to confirm any court or government order myself in attendance or by writing as ‘de facto’ or ‘de jure.’

Acting peacefully within trust, family and community standards does not breach the peace.


I, Kenny-lee: Lewis, am a Freeman who operates with full responsibility and liability, free of outside authority. I reserve all rights without prejudice.

I claim, all property held by me is held under a Claim of Right.

I claim, my office is fully able to quickly respond to queries.

I claim, self governance is the key to correct government spending.

I claim, that my identity can forever be established correctly by my presence as a human being together as may be necessary sworn attestations from friends, family, and other associates.

I claim that I now fully recognize the sovereignty in common to families, in that all ‘natural’ persons are the result family growth and natural law.

And, that I have no quarrel or and that I bear no ill will to any party.


Kenny-lee: (of the family Lewis) as trustee KLLEWIS family trust.
06 JULY 2009
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Re: First contact

Postby consumerpada » Wed Jul 22, 2009 10:58 am

After I have 3 - 7 letters back and fore to a company, the last and only letter I send, I send it a couple of times.....

...................................................... more or less....

Thank you for your offer to pay for litigation proceedings.

I welcome your comprehension that this matter requires order.

Please have the following noted, as my statement under oath:

- I have tried and do try to settle this debt lawfully.

- It is the trusts right to require verifed truths and all transactions are subject to audit.

- The trust remains willing to pay.

If it pleases the court, a special appearance can be arranged so as to swear the above in to the record.

In keeping with such a personal attendance, I swear the above to be true.

For and on the record.

Signed for and on behalf of name family trust.
Knowledge makes a (wo)man unfit to be a slave." — Frederick Douglass
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Re: First contact

Postby elemental mechanic » Wed Jul 22, 2009 11:46 am

consumerpada, i won't pretend that i comprehend all of what you have written, but that only shows the extent of your research when compared to mine.

it reads well and looks comprehensively thought through a clear document for those who are able to comprehend it.

my limitation was getting the gist of the first bit, but i presume that perhaps that equates to the preamble of any well written document.

i also know that i will be able to look at your document as with the documents of other members over the coming months, and as point of reference in my learning to being a fmotl.

(did not want to write down concepts or principles as i don't think that is the best term to use)

any c, good document and learning material for the beginner.

peace is :love:


Muhammad Ali
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Re: First contact

Postby consumerpada » Wed Jul 22, 2009 4:40 pm

Cheers :yes: :yes:

Yes you're right the first bit is mainly personal waffle, the trust and the trustee oath (NOU) are the meat of it. I did want to make it alot shorter and am always working towards more concise 'renditions'

Also it is based on a lot of other peoples work too.

Knowledge makes a (wo)man unfit to be a slave." — Frederick Douglass
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Re: First contact

Postby the_common_law_reverend_kenny » Mon Nov 23, 2009 8:46 pm

SOVEREIGN: not controlled by outside forces: autonomous; self-governing; independent "a sovereign people" <> "by any peaceful administritive means necessary" - the way of the order.
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