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Postby Freeman-B » Wed Mar 31, 2010 9:09 am

Wow Dipsy, you DO make some assumptions, don't you? :-)

Apologies for the delay in responding guys, have been traipsing round the French mountains for the last few months and have been a bit remiss about checking in here - nice views though!

I'm going to deal with Dipsy's points first, then re-read the thread

Dipsy wrote:Unless you have third party witness these administrative process will not stand up in court. I bet you didn't even wrap it with an affidavit.?

Actually I did, the whole thing was sent as a statement of truth

Dipsy wrote:OK so what have you got? You sent a NOUI and your proof was registered post i presume. If it was then it proves you sent "something" but WHAT did you send? Can you PROVE it in court that the NUI you are presenting is the very same version you claim to have sent the PM? What did they reply too? You could have sent the PM a Xmas card and he replied "thankyou contents noted". To PROVE you sent what you claim you did you need notary presentment and certificate of no response either you have NOTHING that will validate your NOUI.

As you are probably well aware, finding a notary that will actually do their job is nigh on impossible. However, I flew back to the Uk (Scotland) and took a train to England to get done what I could, which was to have the document notarised and recorded - he refused to accept replies and no-one else would even touch it!). In addition, each copy of the document was individually numbered with the relevant Recorded delivery sticker and photographed being inserted into its envelope prior to posting. I have proof of delivery of all 15 copies, including Buck house, which I had to request specially from the PO, but got in the end

Dipsy wrote:If you play the strawman game can you PROVE it? Did you raise power of attorney and make a public filing which proves YOU as a man has CONTROl over your fiction. You cant just say you have you must prove it. If not what you are doing is hearsay and again has no lawful standing. Its your belief you have a strawman but you must take the steps to capture it. This is why so many people get in serious shit if they go into court and flap their birth certificate about.

Whilst I accept part of your point - it is not hearsay, it is a matter of record in my claim and is unrebutted. This makes it FACT in a court of law. Again, "filing" is both playing their game and assumes you can find someone who is repared to accept the "file". In my experience, (and in the limited time I was in the country) this was not possible.

Dipsy wrote:Remember peeps did you send the PM a certified copy or the original? OH you sent the original? Well you forgot only original contracts have standing in court remember no photo copies, wet ink??? SO did you send copies to your 15 public contacts? Were they certified TRUE copies by notary or solicitors stamp? Hope you can see if you play with fire you can get burnt.

This is where I may have made a mistake as the original was sent to Lizzie the German - all the others got individually numbered copies, although not certified ones (I simply didn't have the money to pay for them). However I have learned much in the intervening 11 months and can remedy this situation in follow-up paperwork (with a certified copy of the original from the notary in question). I'm not sure why you're being so negative and confrontational Dipsy, but will take it in the helpful spirit in which I am sure it was intended!

Dipsy wrote:Hate to put a damper on things but to do this properly is going to cost a bit more then 15 1st class stamps. More like 4 hours work at 250 quid an hour notary time and public filings.

Once again, if you can find a notary that will even LOOK at this, you are doing better than most. Remember WHO they work for (they certainly do) and which side their bread is buttered. Whilst it may be possible to find one who is happy to take your cash for what they see as a "frivolity", my experience is that most will refuse to even notarise a copy of the document, let alone assist with anything else such as a certificate of non-response. In fact, as I DID actually receive a response, that wouldn't be quite true anyway. Consequently the content of my follow-up documents is somewhat different than it would have been if they had just ignored me.

Contrary to your assertion of costing "nothing more then (sic) 15 1st class stamps" this has cost me many months of study, weeks of putting the documents together, hundreds of pounds in travel and fees, all when I wasn't being paid and was barely able to eat. Please do not presume to know the cicumstances of others or that your assumptions are facts, it comes across as somewhat arrogant in the least.

Criticism is most welcome, preferably of the constructive kind (which, I think, Dipsy, you were trying to do). Not only is this relatively new to most of us, it involves a very different mindset than anything we have ever done before.

Lastly, you refer regularly to what I can and can't do, almost invariably using THEIR rules of how THEY play the game. However, the whole point of this is that I have asserted that I am NOT playing their game any more, I am sovereign and THESE ARE MY RULES. Deal with it. It remains to be seen if they will or not, but one step at a time, eh?

I have a whole load more documents to file now, and will do so as soon as I am able to go home to do it. In the meantime, I have other adventures in different lands which require some significant attention!!

Thanks again for all the replies and thoughts, they are much appreciated.

:peace: :love:
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Postby strawmansarah » Wed Mar 31, 2010 12:49 pm

The problem is.... IMHO... no matter HOW LAWFUL whatever we do, be they affidavits that are unrebutted, or NOICOR's, no matter HOW carefully/perfectly we did them and had them Notarised (my notary is even an acceptor), they will not EVER get a hearing/viewing in a Court of LAW (because there is no Court of Law OF THE LAND) so they are simply ignored.....

Sad, but true.

However, as mentioned in another post of mine, there WILL be a Court of LAW in England on Monday. Then our documents will be able to be evidenced... :)
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