Litigant in Person Open Day Workshops Confirmed Sept 2013

Litigant in Person Open Day Workshops Confirmed Sept 2013

Postby wanabfree » Wed Sep 04, 2013 4:12 pm

We can now confirm our first, and regular “Litigant in Person” Open Day Workshops are due to start this month on the 26th in Dartford, Kent.

Venue: Dartford Social Club
Address: 59 Lowfield Street, Dartford, DA1 1HP
Date: Thursday, 26th September, 2013
Time: 12 Noon to 7pm

We will be keeping these events as regular as possible and as open day workshops, training courses, will hopefully follow at a later stage, dependant upon demand.

Given the current climate of unemployment, and many people struggling to travel too, or afford the weekend workshops spread all over the British Isles.

This may be the answer for many people who support the Kent Freedom Movement, and who live within the more localised areas, wishing to learn, and improve their quality of life, and in turn by keeping more of their credit/money, were it deservedly belongs, in their own pockets, and not in some bureaucrats, who did nothing productive to be entitled to it.

Please note, this about damage control, We cannot guarantee success or make any promises, but so long as we are dealing with victimless cases, we can at least limit the damage bureaucrats can cause, by saving you time,stress,energy,and money.

Feel free to bring with you any current issues you may be dealing with, such as: court summons’s, council tax, Liability orders, county court proceedings based on alleged debts, credit cards, Loans, Mortgage arrear’s etc, problems with bailiffs, alleged traffic offences, on the spot fines, parking tickets etc, so long as it is victimless, we can usually deal with it, one to one on the day.

The advantage these workshops is, we can help people deal with such issues in real time, on the day, which usually cannot be done on weekends.

We can make the dreaded telephone calls with personal privacy observed, and assured of course to the bureaucrats, Council’s, Debt Collection Agencies, or the Crown prosecution service, courts etc, and sometimes even resolve problems or get a court hearing stopped altogether.

You can see first hand, the approach, and techniques continuously being developed by the people in the “No State Project Group”, being effectively put to use not in theory, but in practise.

We wish to make this, a hands on, Worshop so we can more effectively, and better prepare anyone for dealing with bureaucratic attacks by themselves, without needing further help or coaching, not that further help and assistance will not be available, but so we can help build confidence, and a self reliance for each attendee.

The Open Days are going to be geared towards a laymans understanding, no previous fancy education is required, no confusing legal jargon, will be used without fully explaining it, and anybody with a basic understanding of english, be they literate or not, should be able to comprehend this, and then be confident enough to put into practise, what they have learned.

We wiil help provide you with the basic tools, and knowledge to essentially be your own “litigant in person”, i.e. being capable of representing yourself in court, and or/ bringing your own cases to court, what’s involved in presenting a valid cause of action, plus the hurdles,and legal arguments, you must be able to defend against or deflect attention away from, to be successfull.

You will be first of all be introduced to learning how to develope critical thinking skills, recognising logical fallacies,and biases, so you can better filter them out of your own thinking, and responces.

Subjects covered:

* Due process and procedures in both Civil & Criminal proceedings.
* Preparing for pre-trial or case management hearings.
* Preparing for trials at Magistrates or Crown Courts, also tribunal hearings.
* Making appeals at Crown Court, High Court, and Judicial Reviews etc.
* How to write and file Applications to dismiss, or submissions of no case to answer, and stays of court and liability orders, including appeals and even stopping trials/hearings all together.
* How to effectively cross-examine/question a bureaucrat/witness to have him or her exposed as, or declared incompetent.
* Why focusing on the witness's competency and the facts are more effective than raising legal arguments.
* How to get prosecutors and other Bureaucrats to admit they don't have any evidence or proof, and how to effectively follow-up and have them stop laughing.

There will be open questions and answers sessions throughout, and we shall also be doing role-playing and mock trial proceedings, including live challenges on bureaucrats.

The costs will be kept as low as possible, but we will obviously have to ask for a donation to cover venue hire etc, plus CD’s, books etc will be available to buy as well; copies of Marc Stevens Books will be available very soon.

So if you’re interested in attending, please do visit and let us know your wish to attend.

To learn more visit : &
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