Bedroom Tax Nationwide Flashmob

Bedroom Tax Nationwide Flashmob

Postby Freeman Stephen » Thu Aug 08, 2013 3:30 pm

Not exactly a freeman related topic but a chance to help those in need against a common adversary.

Heres my thoughts on the idea, taken from another forum to save me typing it all again:

Its a great idea. Ideally I think we want the police to be worried (or at least reporting they are worried, perhaps out of sympathy for those already below the breadline that the government intends to impose homelessness on).

If the fatcats perceive the potential dangers of their policy to themselves, perhaps they will have a rethink about cutting neccessary welfare while continuing to subsidise the wealthy corporations to consolidate more power for their greedy little fingers to hold.

Then again, perhaps we should just do nothing and take in the homeless when the time comes in order to consolidate our own power to destroy the death star once and for all.

Anyone up for this in glasgow? Its the third saturday from today (thursday 8th aug 2013).
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