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Postby nethy02 » Fri Jan 21, 2011 10:41 am

http://www.truthjuice-liverpool has a fortnightly meeting which started on tuesday 18th january.

Lee David will be speaking on tuesday 01/feb 2011 on regnal law

What's presented is an insight into Monarchical Law, Common Law and Civil Law (Admiralty/Maritime Law), and the differences between the two, and we'll take a step into where we as members of society are placed within this 'system', what it is, where is may have originated from, and where we "fit in" to this current consentual enslavement system we've allowed to be created.

Subjects covered are elements such as words (worthsmithery), terms and definitions some may not yet be aware of that are being used, and how we can best cognicize the problems and how we may be able to change, or adapt it. Using a little symbology, historical research, Science, illustrations, humour, insights, individual findings and visuals, I'll try to help the viewer perceive a different perspective to where the current world arena desires to guide us to a conclusion, with as much referenced source material as possible.

entrance fee is £3 at the door, refrehments available.
The Venue is the Railway Hotel Bridge road Litherland right opposite Lidl store next to seaforth station 7.30 prompt start

hope to see you there


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