Pip Waller - Pharmaceutical Pollution

Pip Waller - Pharmaceutical Pollution

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Pip Waller - Pharmaceutical Pollution

16th September 2010
Doors Open 7.30pm for 8pm start

Admittance: £3 on the door

Upstairs The Ship and Mitre
133 Dale St
L2 2JH

About the Seminar

Pharmaceutical drugs are designed to be stable in the body, to not easily break down, for stronger and longer lasting effects. They are 55-90% excreted out whole in the urine. Tap water in cities is recycled over and over from sewage plants, and filtration systems are not set up to remove pharmaceutical substances. Therefore antidepressants, anti-convulsants, anti-cancer drugs, antibiotics, HRT, steroids, statins and drugs for high blood pressure have all been found in measurable amounts in tap water in cities. It is not known how the increasing numbers of these drugs in the world's water table will affect us - or all the creatures of the earth and seas, from bacteria and single celled organisms up. When streams were tested at random in the US, 80% were found to contain some antibiotics, steroids, synthetic hormones or other common drugs.

And this is just the drugs. The whole of technological medicine also pollutes heavily by the waste it produces - incineration of disposable plastics, and radiation waste, for example.Is it rational to use a treatment to save one person's life that will create pollution and damage many others', including generations to come? This is a very difficult question, and I am not suggesting there is a clear-cut answer, but it is a question worth asking. At what price are we prepared to save one life, and why? Is our inability to accept death actually creating more death in the future?

Pip Waller, Medical Herbalist and author of 'Holistic Anatomy - An Integrative Guide to the Human Body' (North Atlantic Books feb 2010), presents an evening looking at the phenomenon of pollution by the pharmaceutical companies and the practices of modern technological medicine, with a discussion of other approaches to health.

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