Videos of The Town Hall Talks

Videos of The Town Hall Talks

Postby musashi » Fri Sep 04, 2015 12:27 pm

I am reliably informed that the videos of the Glastonbury Town Hall Talks can be viewed on our warm and friendly website

More talks are planned but we need speakers. We need people who can give a talk on vaccinations - chemtrails - money (we're trying to get hold of Justin Walker but he is an elusive little devil) and all the other usual components of this war we're in.

We Brits have produced very few speakers and I can only make myself (half an) expert on so many subjects. I now do talks on the following out of sheer necessity and I'd really like some others to take over one or two;
Lawful Rebellion & The Constitution
Codex alimentarius
Bob Beck Protocols
Biochemistry & Health Matters and I touch very closely on
Vaccinations and some other stuff.
But we need speakers. I can give the basic info in easily digestible lumps. It's okay - better than nothing and a decent start - but we could really do with other good speakers.

This Sunday, 6th September we will be at the Dignity Alliance/FreedomNorthwest meeting up there in Wigan doing a couple or three talks with Rob Bollox - should be about Grand Juries, AGENDA 21 and Health matters.
See their website for location and times.

Regards, Lance.
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