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Postby Freeman Stephen » Sat Oct 25, 2014 9:54 am

How important is democracy to you?

Everyone has reasons for attending the Million Mask March. It doesnt matter whether you are on Washington or London, Sydney or Glesga, everyone attending has reasons for attending which are very dear to them.

In the various parts of Scotland I dare say a very dear thing will be Scottish Independence (or even not as the case may be). I did not vote in the referendum despite having a lawful right to do so if I would have applied and its not because I am naive and apathetic that I did not because I have a matter which is more dear to me than Scottish Independence.

I understand some people will have an interest in attending just to sell masks, others will go just to socialise with people who care about the world. Some will be environmentalists and others will no want to free the weed and even if people want to express their right to dress up as clowns and laugh at angry policemen, I think such expression has always been tolerated at civilised gatherings where the people express their views.

Even though there are many issues, I will be attending in Glasgow or London for only one cause.

Democracy itself. Call me old fashioned but I agree alot with Thomas Hobbes that the will of the people is paramount in a society albeit that for the sake of the people there must be some restrictions to prevent ourselves from being led astray. You may have other reasons for attending but please listen to mine and the reasons why I think my cause is more important than waving saltires or union jacks which to me seem to have both lost the meaning they once held when I was born into this country. I dont mean the meaning of Glasgow Rangers attribited to that anti-celtic flag but another meaning that both the saltire and union jack have which to my mind have become somewhat irrelevant as people have been led astray.

To some peoples mind they are just stupid flags. Colourful things to wave around or even a reason to feel self-important about things our ancestors have done in the past. Yes a flag can be misused as are reason to hate, you only have to look at the worlds armies to see this can be the case but there is also a more powerful thing which is vested in a flag whether it be a saltire or union jack or even the flags of my own ancestors just across the Irish sea.

To be fair I was born under a saltire and a union jack and under these flags I am happy to remain because they also represent the hopes and aspirations of my people even if religiously you huns would call many of them papes. They represent freedom of religious rituals which are important things regardless of whether you believe in transubstantiation or consubstanciation of the eucharist or even if your a pagan, a muslim, a jew or some even more exotic religion from some far flung part of the world like india or china or africa.

Freedom of religion is not the only freedom our peoples around the world cherish either. We at least have a history of cherishing democracy but persoally I feel that this democracy in our part of the world has been somewhat waylaid. If you have been waving your flahs thoughtlessly or too busy watching TV to notice much at all, you might not have noticed that certain sovereign powers of our people have been given away to people carrying a new flag and these powers were given away WITHOUT any referendum.

This flag is not a saltire, nor is it a union jack yet without a referendum it just so happens to be holding precious gems that belong to us that we the people never gave them ... these were taken without so much as us even being asked. So if you think to change the holder of the gems of scottish sovereignty would require a referendum then you will be in no doubt that if these gems have changed hands since you were born and there was no referendum then we have a thief within our midst.

Now this isnt some petty crime like a shoplifter stealing food but the very bones of our ancestors being held under a brand new flag. Its one thing that we should have trade deals through international institutions, thats the magic the gems are charged with but to take the gems themself? They didnt even ask! They just took them!

Im dancing round a flag here to avoid the gravity of mentioning just what that flag looks like because some of you will be frightened should what Im saying become too viscereal. Usually crimes of this nature can result in serious upheaval but I believe such upheaval is avoidable and can be solved by civilised means. Some of you have danced around that flag in much more joyful tones than I and I expect you should be frightened by your shadow from the flames I would happily set to that new foreign flag.

What youve done is nothing big, youve just acted like an ignorant sheep drinking from filthy stagnant water. Like me your wool is also dyed and its clear that stagnant water does not belong to our ancestors. Its owner is making it available for you to drink and wehave always lived in a free country. Feel free to drink from it but I, your loyal brother, cant. Its owner is a thief of precious gemstones and for my integrity I will not go near it yet there are those of you filling up the sovereigns cups with this filthy water, so from what are men like I supposed to drink from?

Is my loyalty misplaced in my own people? If so, your new masters very rich, from all the gems hes stolen. If you want to abandon folk like me then give us a goodbye gift so we can travel to a places where the masters arent thiefs. At the end of the day as people say, all gems on earth have a great and ultimate owner, and I dont mind who he gives them to by whatever means he does but I dont think I would be living uo to this ultimate owners expectations if I were to tolerate a thief and not warn my people of such a thiefs presence.

Thats why Im going to the milllion mask march. How about you?
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