con-nova meme.

con-nova meme.

Postby pitano1 » Thu Feb 27, 2020 10:22 pm

I think the title expresses my thought on this, But it does illustrate the waste`s of space can move according to
0 No. 129Introduction

Table of Contents
Explanatory Memorandum
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This is the original version (as it was originally made). This item of legislation is currently only available in its original format.

Regulations made by the Secretary of State, laid before Parliament under section 45R of the Public Health (Control of Disease) Act 1984 (c.22), for approval by resolution of each House of Parliament within twenty-eight days beginning with the day on which the instrument is made, subject to extension for periods of dissolution, prorogation or adjournment for more than four days.

Statutory Instruments
2020 No. 129

Public Health, England
The Health Protection (Coronavirus) Regulations 2020


at 6.50 a.m. on 10th February 2020

Laid before Parliament

at 2.30 p.m. on 10th February 2020

Coming into force in accordance with article 1(1)

The Secretary of State makes these Regulations in exercise of the powers conferred by sections 45B, 45C, 45F and 45P of the Public Health (Control of Disease) Act 1984(1).

In accordance with section 45R of that Act the Secretary of State is of the opinion that, by reason of urgency, it is necessary to make this instrument without a draft having been laid before, and approved by a resolution of, each House of Parliament.
If the machine of government is of such a nature that it requires you to be the agent of injustice to another, then, I say, break the law.
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Re: con-nova meme.

Postby iamani » Sat Feb 29, 2020 4:15 pm

Hi pitano1

Their audacity is becoming quite breathtaking.

Anyone else thinking that the "con-nova" aka their 'latest trick' is just another means to a nefarious end...? A cover for an end-game scenario...? i mean it's not like this rushed-through legislation (waiting in the wings like the 2001 US Patriot Act...) is open to abuse... is it?

...and today, the declaratory headline we've all been waiting for:


(i definitely prefer your name for it, though)

Is it ironic that this news will be broadcast over 5G (exposure to which radiation COINCIDENTALLY shares the exact same symptoms as con-nova - shortness of breath, dry cough, fever etc) in such places that have it - like Wuhan and cruise ships? Some hotels...?

Not a good time to have a cough and a sniffle (watch out Pope), but the more worrying aspect is that they've taken to saying that there may be no symptoms - so when your seemingly healthy (knowledgeable/activist) neighbour is carted off by the folk in fancy dress and face-masks you have nothing to worry about...

So, twenty-eight days - does that mean there is now less than ten days to lodge objection with the opinionated Secretary of State? Which one is it - there appear to be several?


Cheers! (Cough-cough... oh shit...)
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Re: con-nova meme.

Postby pitano1 » Sun Mar 01, 2020 12:03 pm


So, twenty-eight days - does that mean there is now less than ten days to lodge objection with the opinionated Secretary of State? Which one is it - there appear to be several?

Question being...would an objection be in THE PUBLIC INTEREST.?

qui bono...?


The basic answer is: it has levels. Different players in different positions gain a piece of the pie. For example, pharma gets to sell immense amounts of highly toxic antiviral drugs, and gets to develop and sell an enormously profitable toxic vaccine. National militaries lick their chops and anticipate moving into big cities and maintaining order. The collection of entities I call the medical cartel gets to exert more influence over the minds of billions of people: “medical diagnosis and treatment, from birth to death, is absolutely essential for the survival of life on planet Earth.” That’s a BIG one. Understand: when the drugs and vaccines are toxic, the citizens are debilitated, and thus easier to manage.

Long-term, the medical cartel is the most powerful wing of the Brave New World, also known as Globalism. Also known as Technocracy.

Technocracy: With the rollout of 5G, the so-called Internet of Things really takes off. Smart cars, smart homes, smart cities. A trillion devices are connected; and a result, a worldwide Energy Authority can truly take its place in the foreground. Meaning? The real-time monitoring of all energy production AND use on the planet can be measured—and energy-use quotas can be established for individuals and nations, “for the good of all.”

It’s called CONTROL.

China is making lemonade out of the lemons of the “coronavirus crisis,” as we speak. It’s moving ahead with the building of many smart cities. And the government has the power to move huge numbers of people into the cities, where wall-to-wall surveillance will be the order of the day, “in order to predict future epidemics before they happen.” The Internet of Things will allow all sorts of automatic quotas to be imposed on the citizenry. Food, energy, travel, etc. And then you have automated diagnosis of illness and mandatory treatment—another nightmare.

It’s called CONTROL.

Globalism/technocracy is flexing muscles and producing hits on national economies. It’s testing its ability to do damage in that area. It needs to level out economies in many countries, in order to take them over to a greater degree. Declared fake epidemics are a tool for that purpose.

In this regard, consider what happens in any serious economic downturn or recession. It’s what I would call Operation Close-Out, better known as Consolidation. Wealthy players, aided by banks, move in, sniff out major businesses and companies that are now on the edge of failure, and buy them out. The wealthy own more; the newly poor own less.

Of course, with foreknowledge of plunging trading markets—which these players have—a prime opportunity opens up for shorting stocks, monitoring them on the way down, and selling them off at the bottom. Another bonanza. Another version of Consolidation.

As I said, the real operation here has levels. Different players on different places of the power ladder reap benefits.

Never forget that the World Health Organization (WHO)—along with the US Centers for Disease Control—operates these fake epidemics on the medical side. WHO is a branch of the Globalist fortress called the United Nations. WHO has its sleazy hands on medical bureaucrats in every nation on Earth, and it can threaten a government which doesn’t react with sufficient alarm, when the preferred phony picture of an epidemic is floated for public consumption.

The United Nations, to make a very long story short, wants a borderless, non-national, planned planet. Kinder and gentler. Ruled from the top. By technocrats.

One of its wet dreams is fake pandemics.

The age-old theme of Order from Chaos advances front and center. From the chaos of a pandemic, new layers of control will be imposed—and received with open arms. How much Order? That’s always decided on the basis of an experiment. An exercise. A test. Which is what this COV operation is. Among the many questions the show runners are asking: how big an economic hit will nations, particularly, China, be willing to take; how much pushback, if any, will come from the citizenry; how tightly will medical researchers march on the narrow road of their preposterous fake findings without rebelling; under the auspices of emergency aid, how much money can be stolen, siphoned off, and placed into favored pockets; during the manufactured epidemic crisis, and in the aftermath, how much surveillance will citizens be willing to stomach; with what degree of acquiescence will people accept the announced end of the pandemic; how badly can we affect national treasuries?

And so on and so forth. All standard inquiries, forming the basis of confidential after-operation reports. Along with, of course, prospective estimates of what can be accomplished next time, in a new and improved experiment.

How thick can we slice the baloney next time?

Quoted from Jon Rappoport
If the machine of government is of such a nature that it requires you to be the agent of injustice to another, then, I say, break the law.
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Re: con-nova meme.

Postby iamani » Sun Mar 01, 2020 6:24 pm

Hi pitano1

A somewhat chilling synopsis, but bang-on imo.

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Re: con-nova meme.

Postby iamani » Sat Mar 21, 2020 1:56 pm


This was posted by one of my favourite contributors to, and i don't know about you but i think it is much scarier than any plandemic...

by itheman
Last update 17 March

Check out where police are mentioned!! As subtle as can be done.
And the change in Scottish vaccine administration!

The UK government’s coronavirus action plan, published on 3 March, set out measures to respond to the COVID-19 outbreak that are reasonable, proportionate and based on the latest scientific evidence. Specifically, it detailed:

what we know about the virus and the disease it causes
how we have planned for an infectious disease outbreak
what we are planning to do next, depending on the course the coronavirus outbreak takes
the role the public can play in supporting this response, now and in the future
The plan also includes information on the government’s 4-stage strategy: contain, delay, research, mitigate. It sets out advice for how the public should respond in each stage, including what to expect as the outbreak advances.

It also envisaged that changes to legislation might be necessary in order to give public bodies across the UK the tools and powers they need to carry out an effective response to this emergency. This paper sets out, subject to final approvals, the elements of the bill and the reasons why they are needed.

The development of an effective response to the epidemic requires a number of actions. Some of these involve the use of tools and powers that are set out in statute. The governments of the UK therefore resolved to review and where necessary amend the legislation, to ensure that the UK’s response is consistent and effective.

Some of the proposed changes therefore deal with easing the burden on frontline NHS and adult social care staff, some help staff by enabling them to work without financial penalty, and some support people and communities in taking care of themselves, their families and loved ones, and their wider community.

The legislation will be time-limited – for 2 years – and not all of these measures will come into force immediately. The bill allows the 4 UK governments to switch on these new powers when they are needed, and, crucially, to switch them off again once they are no longer necessary, based on the advice of Chief Medical Officers of the 4 nations.

The measures in the coronavirus bill are temporary, proportionate to the threat we face, will only be used when strictly necessary and be in place for as long as required to respond to the situation.

We have worked closely with the devolved administrations to develop an effective package of measures to support frontline staff and individuals involved in this vital national response.

Contents of the bill
The bill enables action in 5 key areas:

increasing the available health and social care workforce – for example, by removing barriers to allow recently retired NHS staff and social workers to return to work (and in Scotland, in addition to retired people, allowing those who are on a career break or are social worker students to become temporary social workers)

easing the burden on frontline staff – by reducing the number of administrative tasks they have to perform, enabling local authorities to prioritise care for people with the most pressing needs, allowing key workers to perform more tasks remotely and with less paperwork, and taking the power to suspend individual port operations

containing and slowing the virus – by reducing unnecessary social contacts, for example through powers over events and gatherings, and strengthening the quarantine powers of police and immigration officers

managing the deceased with respect and dignity – by enabling the death management system to deal with increased demand for its services

supporting people – by allowing them to claim Statutory Sick Pay from day one, and by supporting the food industry to maintain supplies

The proposals set out in the bill will significantly enhance the ability of public bodies across the UK to provide an effective response to tackle this epidemic. We are therefore aiming for it to reach the statute book and begin to take effect from the end of this month. However, the provisions relating to Statutory Sick Pay are intended to have retrospective effect to 13 March.

Increasing the available health and social care workforce
Although we are implementing measures to save lives through delaying and flattening the peak of the epidemic, it is clear that the next few months will present a significant level of challenge for the NHS and anyone working in caring professions. As in all sectors, there will be pressures from increased staff absence, if staff are unwell or self-isolating with their households.

In addition to this, there will be increased numbers of people becoming ill with COVID-19 and some of these people will require medical treatment or need to be admitted to hospital. These additional patient volumes will place pressure on our NHS. To ensure the best possible level of care is provided to those most in need, we may need to take measures to increase the available health and social care workforce and reduce the number of admin tasks they have to perform so they have more time to spend with patients.

To support this, the bill seeks to:

enable regulators to emergency register suitable people as regulated healthcare professionals, such as nurses, midwives or paramedics. This might include (but will not be limited to) recently retired professionals and students who are near the end of their training. Registered staff can then be used appropriately, with decisions made on a local basis, to increase the available health and social care workforce and enable essential health and care services to function during the height of the epidemic

enable regulators to temporarily add social workers to their registers who may have recently left the profession. This will ensure vital continuity of care for vulnerable children and adults

enable employees and workers to take Emergency Volunteer Leave in blocks of 2, 3 or 4 weeks’ statutory unpaid leave and establish a UK-wide compensation fund to compensate for loss of earnings and expenses incurred at a flat rate for those who volunteer through an appropriate authority. This will ensure that volunteers do not suffer financial disadvantage as a result of performing a public good. Volunteers play a critical role in the delivery of health and social care services and are particularly important in caring for the most vulnerable in our society, such as the elderly, those with multiple long-term conditions or those suffering from mental ill-health

provide indemnity for clinical negligence liabilities arising from NHS activities carried out for the purposes of dealing with, or because of, the coronavirus outbreak, where there is no existing indemnity arrangement in place. This will ensure that those providing healthcare service activity across the UK are legally protected for the work they are required to undertake as part of the COVID-19 response. This is in line with and will complement existing arrangements

suspend the rule that currently prevents some NHS staff who return to work after retirement from working more than 16 hours per week, along with rules on abatements and drawn-down of NHS pensions that apply to certain retirees who return to work. This will allow skilled and experienced staff who have recently retired from the NHS to return to work, and also allow retired staff who have already returned to work to increase their commitments if required, without having their pension benefits suspended

Easing the burden on frontline staff, both within the NHS and beyond
In the NHS and in other sectors who undertake activities that are vital to keeping the country running safely and securely, we may also face particular increased pressures as a result of staff absence or increased work volumes. This could include those caring for children or in education, protecting our borders, detaining and treating people under the Mental Health Act, supporting local authorities and ensuring national security. By reducing the number of admin tasks they have to perform, allowing key workers to perform more tasks remotely and with less paperwork, we will enable these crucial services to continue to operate effectively during periods of reduced staffing.

To support this the bill seeks to:

enable existing mental health legislation powers to detain and treat patients who need urgent treatment for a mental health disorder and are a risk to themselves or others, to be implemented using just one doctor’s opinion (rather than the current 2). This will ensure that those who were a risk to themselves or others would still get the treatment they need, when fewer doctors are available to undertake this function

temporarily allow extension or removal of time limits in mental health legislation to allow for greater flexibility where services are less able to respond. These temporary changes would be brought in only in the instance that staff numbers were severely adversely affected during the pandemic period and provide some flexibility to help support the continued safe running of services under the Mental Health Act

allow NHS providers to delay undertaking the assessment process for NHS continuing healthcare for individuals being discharged from hospital until after the emergency period has ended

make changes to the Care Act 2014 in England and the Social Services and Well-being (Wales) Act 2014 to enable local authorities to prioritise the services they offer in order to ensure the most urgent and serious care needs are met, even if this means not meeting everyone’s assessed needs in full or delaying some assessments. During a pandemic, a lot of people who work in health and social care could be off sick or may need to care for loved ones. This could mean that local authorities, which are responsible for social care, may not be able to do all the things they are usually required to do

Local authorities will still be expected to do as much as they can to comply with their duties to meet needs during this period and these amendments would not remove the duty of care they have towards an individual’s risk of serious neglect or harm.

These powers would only be used if demand pressures and workforce illness during the pandemic meant that local authorities were at imminent risk of failing to fulfil their duties and only last the duration of the emergency. It would ensure that local authorities will continue to be able to deliver the best possible care services during the peak and to protect the lives of the most vulnerable members of society.

temporarily relax local authorities’ duties in relation to their duties to conduct a needs assessment and prepare an adult carer support plan/young care statement under the Social Work (Scotland) Act 1968, the Children (Scotland) Act 1995, the Social Care (Self-directed Support) (Scotland) Act 2013 and the Carers (Scotland) Act 2016 to enable them to prioritise people with the greatest needs

provide powers to require educational institutions or childcare providers to stay open or relax some requirements around education legislation in order to help these institutions run effectively during the event of an emergency. This could include reducing teacher ratios, adapting school meal standards and relaxing provisions for those with special educational needs. This will ensure that children, young people and those who work with them remain safe, while minimising disruption to everyday life and progression to further and higher education or employment by ensuring schools have the flexibility and support they need to respond pragmatically to the changing situation

enable the Home Secretary to request that port and airport operators temporarily close and suspend operations if Border Force staff shortages result in a real and significant threat to the UK’s border security. This is to ensure the UK can maintain adequate border security throughout the pandemic and protect the public from the threat of criminality or importation of prohibited items that could result from an inadequately controlled border. This would only be used in extremis, where necessary and proportionate, and any direction will be kept to the minimum period necessary to maintain the security of the UK border

expand availability of video and audio link in court proceedings. This would include magistrates’ court hearings taking place by phone or by video, should an individual appeal restriction of movement due to quarantine measures. This will ensure that an appeal takes place but will not require a person to break quarantine in order to attend in person. It will also enable the expansion of the availability of video and audio link in various criminal proceedings, including full video and audio hearings in certain circumstances, and public participation in relation to these and other court and tribunal proceedings conducted by audio and video. The measures will enable a wider range of proceedings to be carried out by video, so that courts can continue to function and remain open to the public, without the need for participants to attend in person. This will give judges more options for avoiding adjournments and keeping business moving through the courts to help reduce delays in the administration of justice and alleviate the impact on families, victims, witnesses and defendants

ensure that the Treasury can transact its business at all times, by making it possible for a single commissioner or a single Treasury minister to sign instruments and act on behalf of the commissioners, during a COVID-19 emergency period. Under current rules, where any instrument or act is required to be signed by the Commissioners of Her Majesty’s Treasury, it must be signed by 2 or more of the commissioners. This change will ensure that the Treasury can transact its business at all times during a COVID-19 emergency period, should commissioners be unable to fulfil their duty

allow temporary judicial commissioners (JCs) to be appointed at the request of the Investigatory Powers Commissioner, in the event that there are insufficient JCs available to operate the system under the Investigatory Powers Act 2016. This is the one of the critical pieces of domestic legislation for national security. It creates the statutory basis for the use of the investigatory powers by the intelligence and law enforcement agencies, using warrants issued under the act. These warrants provide the agencies with the capability they need to protect national security and investigate and prevent serious crime. The Home Secretary, again at the request of the Investigatory Powers Commissioner, will also be allowed to vary the time allowed for urgent warrants to be reviewed by a JC and how long they can last before they need to be reviewed. The maximum time allowed for a review will be increased to a maximum of 12 days (up from the current 3 days). Maintaining national security capabilities at a time of potential widespread upheaval is critical and it is necessary to ensure that the powers to vary specific aspects of the regime are available to the government should they be deemed necessary, for example if there are fewer JCs available than usual.

Delaying and slowing the virus
The government’s objective is to delay and flatten the peak of the epidemic by bringing forward the right measures at the right time, so that we minimise suffering and save lives. To slow the virus, we will need people to reduce unnecessary social contacts, which, for periods of time, may mean preventing gatherings of people, postponing electoral events over the course of the year or closing schools, further or high education premises or childcare providers. This will help mitigate the risk to public health arising from such mass gatherings.

This will happen only where necessary, to help minimise disruption to everyday life and progression of children and young people to further and higher education or employment. The measures would only be put in place for the period of time required to mitigate the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic.

To support this, the bill seeks to:

enable the government to restrict or prohibit events and gatherings during the pandemic in any place, vehicle, train, vessel or aircraft, any movable structure and any offshore installation and, where necessary, to close premises

provide a temporary power to close educational establishments or childcare providers

postpone the local, mayoral and Police and Crime Commissioner elections that were due to take place in England in May this year until May 2021. Provision will also be made to postpone other electoral events over the course of the year (such as by-elections)

It’s also important that all UK countries have equivalent legal measures in place to delay or prevent further transmission of the virus, to ensure consistency across the whole UK. For example, removing a current restriction in how Scottish territorial Health Boards can deliver vaccination programmes would mean that, when a vaccine becomes available, it can reach as many people as possible. To support this, the bill seeks to:

enable the departments of health in Northern Ireland and Scotland to make regulations for additional measures to be introduced to help them delay or prevent further transmission of COVID-19. Equivalent powers already exist in England and Wales and these provisions would bring them in line with the rest of the UK

remove a restriction in how Scottish territorial Health Boards can deliver vaccination programmes so a wider range of healthcare professionals in Scotland would be able to administer a vaccine.

Public support and compliance is crucial and we are grateful for the flexibility people have shown, but we need to ensure police and immigration officers have the authority to enforce these measures where necessary. Therefore, the bill will enable the police and immigration officers to detain a person, for a limited period, who is, or may be, infectious and to take them to a suitable place to enable screening and assessment.

Managing the deceased with respect and dignity
The steps the government is taking to respond to the COVID-19 pandemic will save lives. However, sadly, as has already been seen, people will lose loved ones as a result of this disease. We want to ensure the deceased are treated with the utmost respect and dignity and that the current procedures in relation to death and still-birth registration and management are modified to enable this and to protect public health. This will take account of the fact that families who have lost a loved one may be self-isolating, and that there may be reduced capacity to register and manage deaths as a result of pandemic-related sickness absence.

The bill intends to make changes to:

mean a coroner is only to be notified where a doctor believes there is no medical practitioner who may sign the death certificate, or that they are not available within a reasonable time of the death

introduce powers to enable the provisions under the Burial and Cremation (Scotland) Act 2016 relating to the collection of ashes to be suspended and replaced with a duty to retain until the suspension is lifted, except where family wishes are known. Also, suspend an offence in section 49 of the 2016 Act, allowing any relative of the deceased to complete the cremation application form, regardless of the required hierarchy set out by section 65 of the 2016 Act

expand the list of people who can register a death to include funeral directors acting on behalf of the family

enable electronic transmission of documents that currently have to be physically presented in order to certify the registration of a death

remove the need for a second confirmatory medical certificate in order for a cremation to take place

remove the Coroners and Justice Act 2009 requirement that any inquest into a COVID-19 death must be held with a jury. Other notifiable diseases will still require an inquest with a jury

suspend the referral of certificates to the Death Certification Review Service (DCRS) for review in Scotland under the Certification of Death (Scotland) Act 2011. The timing of the suspension to be at the discretion of Scottish ministers

If the scientific advice indicates that the number of people who might die from COVID-19 is likely to significantly exceed the capacity locally to manage the deceased and other contingency measures have been deployed, local government will have the ability to take control of a component or components of the death management process in their area.

For example, local authorities may choose to direct local actors such as funeral directors, mortuaries owners, crematoriums owners and others, to streamline the death management process. This may include an increase in the operating times of crematoriums, directing companies to use their vehicles to move bodies, or directing others not directly involved in the funeral sector, to provide necessary support.

Only in the most extreme situations where there is a risk to public health would the powers of direction be used and only be used when scientific evidence and operational advice suggests that it is necessary. Activating the powers will ensure the local death management system continues to work effectively to protect public health and the dignity of the deceased. Personal choice will be respected as far as possible, especially in regard to how we handle loved ones after they have passed.

Protecting and supporting people
We are asking people to stay at home if they have a high temperature or a new and continuous cough, or if anyone in their household has one of those 2 symptoms. In the event of a wider outbreak of COVID-19, the number of people that would be off work would increase significantly. This would include those that were displaying-virus like symptoms and those who were self-isolating as a precautionary measure.

We want to ensure the Statutory Sick Pay (SSP) provisions support people in complying with this request and that they have retrospective effect from 13 March 2020. By ensuring that people receive SSP from the first day that they are off work, we will ensure that those who are unwell or have been instructed to self-isolate can do so without the fear of losing pay. This will be an important measure in the event of a severe outbreak. By refunding small businesses, we hope to alleviate the significant financial burden on employers through increased SSP costs.

The bill is therefore seeking to:

give the government the power to temporarily suspend the rule that means SSP is not paid for the first 3 days of work that you miss because of sickness. These days are known as waiting days. Lifting this rule will enable us to respond quickly to an outbreak

enable employers with fewer than 250 employees to reclaim SSP paid for sickness absences relating to coronavirus during the period of the outbreak. This is because the government wants to ensure that businesses are supported to deal with the temporary economic impacts of an outbreak of coronavirus

require industry to provide information about food supplies, in the event that an industry partner does not co-operate with our current voluntary information-sharing arrangements during a period of potential disruption

...thank you for posting this itheman. Very good for concentrating the mind in the midst of this massive distraction.

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Re: con-nova meme.

Postby Freeman Stephen » Fri Mar 27, 2020 10:44 pm

Agenda 21 - with organ harvesting. Blake 7 meant something to a silenced generation before I was opd enough to have a wank. Hope youve opted out the organ donors scheme as the law has recently changed. If not, the new owners of your kidney can fetch £420,000 on international markets the falungong were being silenced about in wuhan before connova ever struck. Your hearts worth a little less but your soul is priceless. Be careful of people talking soundbites. They may not even be awake yet.
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Re: con-nova meme.

Postby iamani » Sat Mar 28, 2020 3:17 pm

Hi Freeman Stephen

Organ harvesting? Lovely. Another nightmare to add to the con-flu scenario  -  and a link to Wuhan to boot! There are so many possibilities for nefarious intent in this crisis being touted, and it's so big none of them can be ruled out...

Thanks for the timely warning, though i have to ask  -  would opting-out even work...? i mean how would they know you've opted-out? Filling out a form using the NAME and title? Would one have to be tattooed, or perhaps... chipped?

i clicked your link and instantly remembered watching one or two of your vids 4 or 5 years ago, so i watched 'waking up', 'moving on' and 'brexit' to remind me what you are about. Kudos to you for having courage of conviction to do what you do. Are you still on the land?

Hope you remembered to resign from your public office...

...and i used to enjoy Blake's 7 as a boy. Forgot it mentioned organ harvesting though. Can't say we weren't warned, eh?

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Re: con-nova meme.

Postby Freeman Stephen » Sat Mar 28, 2020 5:38 pm

I currently have a residential address within the UK that the DVLA acknowledge to not be an infependent country just outside Glasgow.

Did you know that if my mother hadnt registered for child benefit, I would have had to apply for a nino rather than just being assumed as the effective property of a part of the government hierarchy that excludes the royals and the lords. Im still turning the cogs on this but the circumstances Im born into amounts a system of servitude known as debt bondage which is outlawed by "the actual government" recognised as a legal person in international law.

Im beginning to think the government as seen on tv is just a big fraud organisation that the real government are incapable of bringing to heel.

Deciding for themselves whether I can smoke a joint or not has been heavily defaulted by propaganda to suppose they have more rights over my body than I do. Now they claim my organs are their property, they are very dangerous, deceptive megalomaniacs without doubt but trying to explain this to the peoole standing two metres apart could be a bit of a problem.

I have in my hands a bill of exchange from an organisation which wants paid, declares its not the government and says it doesntneed a contract to just unilaterally give me a debt to pay.

Right at this interesting happenstance, the country goes into lockdown and everyone is either on welfare or trying to get into real debt ... as an alternative to starvation.

I can see hyperinflation occurring if those claiming to be the government dont stop acting outside of the law acvording to the government signed into un charter, westphalia, geneva, etc.

Selling body parts at 400k a kidney? The givernment would never do that!

Stay indoors. Save lives. Protect the NHS.
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Re: con-nova meme.

Postby iamani » Sat Mar 28, 2020 8:45 pm

Hi Freeman Stephen

Well it's good that you are still about, though not sure what you mean about DVLA and independent country?

No, i had not considered the ramifications of parents not applying for child benefit even though i am entrenched in research re: birth-registration system and have been for some time - so thanks for that nugget. Have you read any of my recent posts on the subject? Might save you some time if you feel the need to look further into the subject  -  i'm not saying it's all correct, and i'm sure you have your own ideas but some of it may be worthy of consideration.

Yes, the govt is fake, de facto, a corporation, and whereas the Americans can (with due diligence) still reach their hidden de jure govt  -  we can't, or at least we can't seem to find it...

Re: the pot laws, check their legislation - it is illegal to possess/produce/sell cannabis because it is laden with THC,  but there is no THC until it is burnt, there is only THC-a (which is not mentioned in the legislation) and whereas a thing similar is not the same what you are in possession of is hemp, not cannabis. Thanks to Kev from SPL's Pro and Indiglow YT channel for that nugget (though no doubt the same info exists somewhere on this site).

It didn't occur to me that the govt could trade in the organ harvest market, but it makes perfect sense  -  why else change it to an opt-out system? And what's to say they weren't always charging the donee's ALLCAPS account for the transplant and operation, after all they have always owned both the organ donors and donee's via the birth registration system...?

As for hyper-inflation i don't see how it may be avoided...

What a world!

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Re: con-nova meme.

Postby Freeman Stephen » Sun Mar 29, 2020 1:59 am

Regarding your status in the constitution. Im investigating the avenue of "it depends".

Now theres a lot of gossip and some of that gossip is manufactured by those who have a vested interest in your submission to "debt servitude" - actual clearly defined legal state of affairs recognised as abolished by "the government(s) as persons in international law" having bound themself to prevent the practice since 1966 by a treaty introduced in 1956.

Now theres this other thing called "the government as seen on tv" and they operate under the authority of the government with a legal person.

In Britain, the government as seen on tv, according to my research is a private club with pseudo democratic voting rights, pension plans, private markets for their "general public" which is distinct from "the public" since a "general public" is only a portion of the public significant enough to merit recognition. It is a paid membership private club operated amongst "the commons" who invite members to pay their fees to the club via a yearly finance bill.

If you read the finance act of any particular year, you will see its enacting words are not "Be it enacted..." but something else leading to "Be it enacted".

Its not an ordinary act of parliament but a "parliament act" which operates such that the lords dont interfere in it and cant because it only extends to members of the club and for obvious reasons the lords, spiritual and temporal dont voluntarily join.

The queen assents and it becomes "the law" in the same way as the decision made at an AGM is legally binding on its members.

The finance act grants duties to those it beseeches to consent to the bill. Id like you to have a look at the enacting clause of those bills and see if you believe the duties it grants are duties granted to you. These words are meamingless in babylon so theres little point arguing the toss with people who act as some fuzzy thing they call "the government", claim they arent "the government" and refuse to acknowledge the legal requirements of the real government as a person before the law.

Via Coactus signatures cannot cause the signatory to be tried for fraud. They dont use courts except for fraud and the bill of exchange can only be actedcon if its signed by a member rather than discounted by a non-member (enscompter).

Thousands, tens, hundreds of thousands of people are on UC, ESA, subsidies, government wages, etc. Its in their interest that the gracious sovereigns sign without question and bow to pressure because the energy the system steals from you, it gives to them. My theory is that theres a sophisticated system of slavery going on and alot of it is based upon lies of omission and the mind control on those who stand two metres apart.

Consider the future when Boris and Prince Charles are immune from covid 19 and people are still self-isolating for fear of dying. Its illegal to threaten them with a peanut incase they have an allergy. The fields are ripe, raise who you want from the dirt theyre mired in. Be careful of raising those whos goal involves the restriction of essential liberty. Its been a long road, getting from there to here.
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