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Postby iamani » Fri Apr 03, 2020 12:46 pm


These new regs are many and odious, but it seems they merely set the stage for what is to come. i've been wracking my brain and searching 'net for credible theories that may point to a positive outcome from our current predicament, so far without success. The more i consider the situation the more concerned i become...

So what exactly has happened here? No-one truly knows is all i know for sure, but i'll voice an opinion while i still can.

What we know, what we've all seen, is HM Government, along with what looks like every country in the bloody world, apparently crying 'WOLF!' over a man-made bug. Despite whore-ass-media claims, there are no queues of sick and dying people outside the hospitals (thank goodness), which seem to be pretty much empty, we are not hearing wailing sirens every five minutes, of ambulances ferrying the stricken, and we are not losing ANY loved ones (or even people we don't like) to conjob19, a supposedly indiscriminate and death-dealing virus that cannot currently be tested for, may show no symptoms and which has long been taken down from the list of 'high consequence' diseases. They have many public figures and social-influencers telling us they have it (though if you are paying attention most of them only claim to have tested positive for symptoms of coronavirus, which is the common cold and NOT FECKIN CONJOB19!) even though that is statistically impossible.

In short: the evidence voids their claims. There is no doubt  -  they ARE crying 'Wolf!'...  and the sheep do bleat in terror.

(Btw: anyone noticing a rise in cognitive dissonance lately...?)

Why are they doing it? Why do they cry 'Wolf!' ?

Just take a look at what their Hegellian-dialectic-psyop-wolf has achieved:

Draconian legislation that the politicians would usually blanch at the thought of proposing...

It has convinced the people via the weaponised whore-ass-media that they are all going to die if they don't, without question, do what the government and its agents tell them to do...

It has divided the people even further, from each other and from the truth...

It has shown the government that they can make the people hop on one foot and sing yankee-doodle-fecking-dandy if they so choose  -  did you step outside your house to show your support for the (non-)beleaguered NHS staff when the media told you to...? Did you make a mental note of the neighbours who declined the offer  -  you know, the ones you will shortly be encouraged to alienate and worse...? (And did you check to see who was coughing.......?) Do you know they make you do that so they can count how many people comply with the request...? (Rhetorical rant - not directed at any reading this)

It delivered a massive boost to the toilet-paper industry  -  either that or i've missed the arrival of some new religion in which one must worship Uranus... is it trending yet? i suppose it also makes sense as a new medium of exchange but i'm not sure i'm ready for a world in which buttcoin craptocurrency is king... (we're sure gonna need deep pockets...) or maybe they bought so much just because that's how much comfy-bum you need when the whole world goes down the crapper...

It has achieved what is effectively martial law without the need to tell the people that the government cannot actually declare martial law right now because they already did that a long, long time ago  -  and it still stands...

What do the recommended measures REALLY mean?

Social distancing = Don't talk to each other, do not question the narrative;

Social isolation = Self-imposed house arrest; don't talk to each other; do not question the narrative; do not go outside and see the non-essential workers flouting the regs and challenging the narrative to install 5G while you're not looking;

Don't go to school = We're installing 5G; kids will figure out between them the nonsense of the narrative;

Don't go to work = We can't pay you due to the financial mess we've landed the country in; we don't want you to notice the lack of foreign goods your business deals in/with; oh yes, and we're installing 5G;

Grass on your neighbour = Virtue-signal your ass off; we've got you scared enough to throw them under the bus, and besides  -  police still have revenue-generation targets to achieve you know, so go ahead and start earning Big Brother brownie points...

Why is this all happening now?

Another big question with too many possible answers and not enough credible info to settle on one. Problem is, like every other manufactured-crisis-show they put on for us they are using it to achieve many seemingly unconnected goals so it's hard to see the woods for the trees... one thing does seem clear though  -  neither Johnson nor Trump knew this was to go 'live' when it did...

Btw, anyone still holding out hope that Trump is a 'good guy' who will root-out the 'deep state' should go watch his unboxing video on YT... or the one where he signs over $6.2 trillion to the bankers with cigars passed to all assembled and big smiles all round (sorry... and i hope i'm wrong).

What Trump was unboxing is the 'new test kit' for the virus. Everyone must have one  -  why? BECAUSE THEY NEED THE FECKIN MONEY! They get to charge 7 billion ALLCAPS accounts for those tests and again for the vaccine/smart-chip. Let's say they charge £1000 each  -  that would be £7 TRILLION or thereabouts. Or £10K each  -  £70 TRILLION. Starting to understand the smiles and cigars yet...? This is money they can't touch without us coz IT DOESN'T FECKIN EXIST YET until we individually sign up to it and accept the debt...

If we get to Easter and we are told these measures are to be extended until June or July imo it just means they haven't quite finished installing the 5G yet. Their most pressing problem is that the lack of dead bodies and severely afflicted 'loved ones' which severely damages the credibility of the narrative; perhaps they'll concentrate the installation efforts in one place so they can generate some convincing (ie 'real') victims and so keep the narrative going a little longer...? Either way, at that point we will know for sure which way it's going... i suspect it will be a rural community first because let's not forget they want EVERYONE in the cities, so if they irradiate a whole village they could evacuate the residents to a 'suitable facility'...

i can't help thinking about those empty hospitals, and the 'suitable facilities' that are still being prepared... they are (again - imo) definitely planning to use them. They will string us along for as long as it takes...

On a seemingly unrelated topic, things have happened recently to suggest that they are preparing to legalise cannabis (and perhaps all drugs), only i suspect it IS very much related. After all, illegal drugs are a huge sticking point for the removal of cash and the imposition of a digital currency... if people start trading for pot instead of buying it the government loses a major slush fund, so they will allow it and tax it. Imo.

The unfortunate fact is they don't need so many people now, and they are in a financial hole, and whereas we are all 'insured' we are now worth more dead than alive. i suspect the real reason they attribute so many deaths to the virus is to commit insurance fraud, which is why they don't want autopsies and burn the evidence/bodies. Do the math, tell me i'm wrong...

...PLEASE !!!

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Re: con-nova meme.

Postby iamani » Sun Apr 12, 2020 4:08 pm


Conjob19  -  qui bono?

i remember an episode of 'The Soprano's' in which one of the gangsters  -  Pussey?  -  was 'taken out' by a fellow gang member on the secret order of Tony. The episode ends with a scene of Tony and his trusted capo's around a kitchen table, with most of the latter only now finding out that Tony had called the hit, and the last line of the scene was both brilliantly cynical and chilling:

"...i wish i'd known  -  i woulda borrowed money off him!"

...followed by laughter and grunts of agreement from the group...

...while the final shot focuses in on the face of a lower-level soldati who is washing dishes with his back to the table, smiling smugly as he hears that line  -  because he had known in advance, and he had borrowed a large sum off his 'friend' knowing he wouldn't have to repay a dead man.

The immoral of the story is: if you are a cynical and heartless bastard who finds out his provider/benefactor is about to 'unexpectedly' die, you should borrow as much money from said benefactor as you can...

Hold on... we know any heartless/cynical bastards who might have advance knowledge of a large number of deaths shortly to occur...?

Oh dear...

Do you think they might wanna borrow money from us...?

i am well versed in 9/11 folklore. i am familiar with both 'ripple effects' (7/7 and Hilsborough) and a fair bit more... so i know the lengths to which some heartless/cynical bastards will go for personal gain, and it sickens me as much as it does anyone reading this, i'm sure.  However, i have never seen anything as all-encompassing in scope and cynical in its execution as this current scam-demic, and never dreamed i would...

...but if the Adversary is to be loosed only for a short while, do you think they might want to make best use of this golden opportunity of a life-time... sorry, death-time?

Do you think maybe they have parcelled-up all their favourite bits of martial-law into statute and Act so they can profit from the health insurance attached to the ALLCAPS accounts...?

Qui bono...?

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Re: con-nova meme.

Postby iamani » Mon Apr 13, 2020 1:24 am


...qui bono?

Lots of people are now out of work who stand to lose everything, and will have to borrow to survive...

Lots of people still in work are going to face loss of jobs when the effects on the supply chain (of the ones who have already lost their jobs) affect their jobs  -  and in turn they are going to have to borrow to survive...

International supply chain has been damaged. Crops are being discarded for lack of transport. Food prices will rise, forcing those who can to borrow even more...

How long before everyone has to sell their car or have it repossessed  -  maybe the govt will accept our cars as collateral for more debt. How else would they deprive a car-addicted population of their fix so quickly and effectively? Not part of the agenda at all is it?

Those who can't borrow more and/or have lost their homes may face losing their children to the state  -  torn between seeing their children go hungry and putting them in care, some will even do so voluntarily... those determined not to do so will re-double their efforts to borrow...

Qui bono? If all that is created is more debt  -  qui bono...?

Well, debt is always evidenced and we all know evidence of debt is money...

...but if all the borrowers die  -  qui bono?

Two things to consider here:

1) Your creditors OWN you. If you had a car that stood you ten grand and it 'died' on you... would you not consider breaking it for parts to re-coup your loss? With the new organ-donor opt-out legislation the owners of the public system that you owe money to are entitled to break you up for spare parts and sell them...

2) Just like a car, YOU are insured (via the ALLCAPS birth accounts, national insurance etc) and if you were to die of an 'unexpected' cause, then the policy might pay ALL DEBTS RUN UP DURING YOUR LIFETIME to the policyholder... so is it not good business for the policyholder to help you to run up as much debt as in-humanly possible before making a claim on the policy...?

...and that's before we even consider medical expense debt...

Tests are gonna cost/make a lot of money, as are vax, drugs, treatment, detention, quarantine, even end-of-life palliative care and use of their ventilators  -  all of this may be calculated far above cost and attached to the ALLCAPS accounts as debt...

Some may disagree, and might ask:

"...but if they don't have the peoples' welfare in mind then why is the British government and the various American states, notably New York, clamouring for more, more, more ventilators? Surely that shows they want to save lives...

...but does it?

This idea in particular really disgusts me, but... what if i told you that doctors who have experience treating actual covid19 (and NOT just 'coronavirus symptoms'/flu) have said it is not the same as the usual pneumonic-type flu, that it is more akin to altitude sickness  -  "'s as if the patient had been helicoptered to the peak of Mount Everest and dropped there with no breathing apparatus." ie without any acclimatisation, and that putting them on a ventilator would serve only to hasten their demise...?

There sure seems to be a lot of ventilators being ordered...

Qui bono? what if, instead of sick victims cluttering up the hospitals and 'suitable facilities' that are appearing at an alarming rate, the poor sods can be 'helped' off this mortal coil much more quickly, freeing up the beds and ventilators to covertly euthanize even more of those stricken...?

...and now the clamour for ventilators by the heartless/cynical bastards starts to make sense. More deaths attributable to conjob19 presumably means more insurance payouts (which is insurance fraud on the grandest of scales btw). They might only have a short while to achieve their aims, after all. Makes sense to streamline the operation and maximise the intended effect and profit potential...

Is it just me, or are these ventilators starting to look like modern-day gas-chambers...?

...and the horror doesn't end there. If certain medical opinions are correct in saying that the symptoms of conjob19 are in fact those of radio-frequency induced sickness  -  a type of non-ionising radiation sickness  -  and that symptoms are restricted to the lungs, well... doesn't that just leave a lot of 'viable' organs just lying around unclaimed...?

Oh, hold on, wait a minute  -  they're NOT unclaimed though, are they? Didn't Freeman Stephen recently remind us of the new organ donation opt-out legislation that claims all organs for our owners, the Crown corporation?

What was it, £420,000 for a kidney...? i don't even want to see the rest of such a grisly fee schedule...

In such a scenario is it possible that those who have been dutifully virtue-signalling their approval of the NHS angels every Thursday evening at the allotted time might, in the event of realising they've been had by a scam that is somehow killing them and their loved ones, and given all the air-time of late promoting young, hip, diverse medical staff adorned with PPE somehow finding the time to choreograph a dance and to be dancing it joyfully in the midst of the supposedly epic death-idemic whilst warning us to take Big Brother's instructions seriously  ( ?? !!), and given that pitifully few NHS staff are stepping up to expose the fact that the hospitals are empty and they are doing less work than usual, and that death-figures and certificates are being 'fudged' -  is it possible that those aggrieved and afflicted people might (mistakenly) suspect the 'health-care' professionals were in on it, and openly turn on them...?

This is all just my (currently morbid) opinion, and i'm quite often wrong and happy to be so.

We apparently have until 20th of May to opt-out of default organ-donation, so perhaps don't expect too many deaths until the 21st...

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Re: con-nova meme.

Postby iamani » Fri Apr 17, 2020 2:17 am


i've had enough of the constant fecking fear-porn! i'll stop writing it.

______________________________________________ PUBLIC NOTICE _____________________________________________________

We are sad to declare that all the nation's of the world are now at war with the ultimate enemy: an invisible tiny bug so terrible that it doesn't even have to be caught to kill you; that terrifyingly lulls you into a false sense of security by not showing any symptoms; and which strikes hard right at the moment of death, seemingly from heart attacks, strokes, dementia, cancer, road traffic accidents, falling off a ladder, in fact every other cause of death you can think of, this awful bug elbows aside every other cause of death imaginable to claim victim after victim at the last second, as evidenced by thousands of dodgy death certificates, and which we are calling  -  CONJOB19!!! (TM)

_______________________________________________ People of Earth, _________________________________________________

________________________________________ UNCLE SCAM NEEDS YOU !!! _______________________________________________

.................................................To Volunteer to the BLAG'S ARMY (TM) Voluntariate;..............................................................

....................................You are now 'voluntary' soldiers in the war against the common enemy  - .........................................

-------------------------------------------------------------------------- CONJOB19!!! (TM) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Notice: That's right, we didn't even have to conscript you, you volunteered when you used our fake money to buy our plastic trinkets-and-shit...

...and now the invisible enemy CONJOB19!!! (TM) wants to kill you, your family, your friends, the baby Jesus, and all the people you know! CONJOB19!!! (TM)

Be on your guard at all times... CONJOB19!!! (TM) is everywhere!

(By the way, CONJOB19!!! (TM) is invisible, there's no test and no cure and never will be, but we'll have a vaccine soon so don't worry...)

Because the enemy (CONJOB19!!! (TM) ) is invisible, CONJOB19!!! (TM) could be hiding in your family, your friends, the baby Jesus, and all the people you know and you wouldn't even know it...

...and if any of your family, your friends, the baby Jesus, and all the people you know are infected with CONJOB19!!! (TM) then YOU TOO! could die a fate worse than death from CONJOB19!!! (TM)

...and if CONJOB19!!! (TM) is hiding in your family, your friends, the baby Jesus, and all the people you know  -  there must be twice as much CONJOB19!!! (TM) lurking in all the people you DON'T know and they all want to KILL YOU! CONJOB19!!! CONJOB19!!! AAARRGH !!!!!!! CONJOB19!!! (TM)

To not be killed by your family, your friends, the baby Jesus, and all the people you know, and all the people you don't know, do exactly as we say and everything will be alright. We're from the government and we're here to help. The government has put together some tactics and strategies in the official GOVT INC (TM) Voluntary Battle Plan (TM) for Blag's Army (TM).

Do not let this manual fall into enemy hands.

1) Troops need supplies. Regular soldiers are supplied and paid by the government  -  but you are all lowly 'voluntaries' of the voluntariate. As a 'voluntary' you are not paid and must provide your own supplies and arma. Everyone knows an army marches on its arsehole so the first and most important thing to do is go out and buy every roll of toilet paper you can find. Your gonna need lots for basic training as you will first be taught how to wipe your own arse. Remember  -  arsoldier can never have too much cumfy-bum. It's crap out there... butt war is smell!

2) Buy some more bog-roll.

3) Health and safety is important to Blag's Army (TM) and voluntaries are responsible for their own PPE so make sure you have your mask and gloves and wear them at all times. Masks should be made of paper and gloves made of rubber. Blag's Army (TM) accepts neither responsibility nor liability for those who get the two mixed up. Don't buy cheap face-masks made of cling-film - it's a false economy. If you have difficulty breathing while wearing a mask you should first check that you have it on correctly - if your earlobes are touching your cheeks (and they don't usually do that) then you may have it on too tight. If this is not the case then check your hands  -  if they look like they are in lightweight pale-blue or white mittens, it is likely you have attempted to use a rubber glove as a face-mask and should seek the assistance of a family member to have you sectioned immediately. Do not remove the mask. If a member of your family has difficulty in donning such apparel, and you are sure they are not infected, then you should help them. If you are not sure  -  sod 'em! It's not worth the risk. On no account should you offer such assistance to a family member who has sneezed within the previous three days, or a non-family member under any circumstances.

4) Information will be delivered to voluntaries via regular tv broadcast so stay tuned to keep up with the most up-to-date reasons to fear the enemy  -  CONJOB19!!! (TM) along with all the celebrities showing you how to wash your hands and probably a young pop-tart tearfully recounting the time someone near and dear to her sneezed and had to be put down

5) The regular army will be issued with state of the art guns with special bug-seeking bullets designed and programmed by NASA to home-in-on and destroy CONJOB19!!! (TM) wherever it hides. Known as Magnetically Attracted to Genetics Infected with CONJOB19!!! (TM) or M.A.G.I.C. (TM) for short, these M.A.G.I.C. (TM) bullets are satellite-guided and so accurate that if a M.A.G.I.C. (TM) bullet hits you it means you are a carrier of CONJOB19!!! (TM) and the bullet that killed you has saved you from a fate worse than death, and no doubt the newly-empowered-by-the-coroner local lolly-pop lady will know to record the cause of death as CONJOB19!!! (TM). Good job, NASA!

6) The voluntary sector will NOT be issued with firearms. This is because we don't have enough M.A.G.I.C. (TM) bullets to go round and we can't afford to have such advanced M.A.G.I.C. (TM) weapons fall into the hands of the enemy  (CONJOB19!!! (TM) ). Also, we can't take the chance that if an unknowingly-infected voluntary is hit by a satellite-guided-bug-seeking M.A.G.I.C. (TM) bullet his armed and unknowingly-infected friends might return fire at the regulars with, er, regular bullets.

7) The best defence is a good offence  -  but CONJOB19!!! (TM) is so indestructible your only defence is to keep out of its way!

8) We know it sounds hopeless, but we have found a flaw in CONJOB19!!! (TM)'s genetic blueprint that reveals its major weakness  -  it can only jump five foot six inches, though some particularly vigorous CONJOB19!!! (TM) has been reported to have managed a best of five foot seven. So rather than take a chance it is recommended that you quickly learn to maintain the constant regulated distance of six feet from those around you to protect yourself and others from the dreaded CONJOB19!!! (TM).

9) You are to practice this at home and only venture outside once you are proficient with the technique. Remember  -  if you can't manage this and are spotted less than six feet away from someone while outside you may be charged with 'walking without due care and attention' or 'reckless walking' or even the strict-liability offence of 'loitering with intent to stop'.

The Next Step:

10) Only once you have mastered the mask and gloves, and social-distancing, and wiping your own arse, should you consider going outside.

11) If you are confident in your ability then you are invited to the weekly graduation ceremony which serves not only as extra practice for public virtue-signalling, but also as a live-drill-exercise of 'going out' without actually... going out, and which is held every Thursday at 20:00 hrs; @: your front door and /or your front yard (if you have one and are confident in your proficiency). Simply open the door at the allotted time, step outside, and start virtue-signalling a good clap at the sky for the wonderfully choreographed dancing angels of the NHS whilst maintaining the correct distance from someone familiar  -  perhaps a neighbour  -  for practice. Also practice not talking to said neighbour  -  Remember: loose lips dribble spit!

12) Presuming your graduation passed without incident you are now qualified to go outside  -  if you absolutely have to! Remember: CONJOB19!!! (TM) is waiting for you. Before any excursion be sure to ask yourself these three vital questions:

a ) Do you have good reason?

b) Have you already been out this week?

c) Is it something you can do without? ie fizzy drinks, easter eggs, tobacco, tampons, food, milk, leccy...? (This clearly does not apply to toilet paper. If you're low  -  then go! Go! GO!)

____________________________________________________________ Page 1_________________________________________________

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