Russel Brand/Danny Shine

Russel Brand/Danny Shine

Postby Freeman Stephen » Sat Sep 27, 2014 10:30 pm

Danny Shine - former activist partner of Charlie Veitch leading up to the "love police" has decided to do a social experiment which involves the creation of a,political party within which danny wants no power. At a,recent gathering of this expsriment, russel brand shows up and danny shine suggests russel brand could be a leader of the experimental party. Brand has links with the founder of the referendum party, while danny, being jewish has links to israel having visited the state several times. Charlie Veitch in my opinion is the protege of danny shine. Danny megaphoned outside a russel brand show about a year ago which led to him sharing a journey in brands limousine.

What it all means is anyones guess as is where its all going. Just doing a vit of journalism on current events.
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