Any evidence or links on beating credit card companies in Au

Any evidence or links on beating credit card companies in Au

Postby celestial » Sat Mar 19, 2011 9:55 am

Hi All,
This is my first post here. I heard about this site after listening to an audio interview about 'illusions' and 'fictitious' entities. I will not disclose the name of the interviewee but he is an author too and Australian.

After hearing this interview and then a subsequent 2nd interview which both were available on Youtube, I cam away with the strong impression that the author had fought and won on several occasions to have peoples personal debts removed and accounts to zero.

I then began an email conversation with said author (it was his wife) asking for more information on the books and if they could help me with my credit card debt.

I was assured that three of the books in the collection do indeed hold all the information I needed. I nearly bought all the books but before doing so I asked if there was actual proof in the books of these cases being won. The answer I was given was that only a few cases in the US were presented in the book as shown to have succeeded.

As it turned out, a friend of mine had bought all the authors books in the collection and so lent me the three books I was advised to read by the authors wife, and so I read them and what I found was that there was only one case in the US that was presented in the book that had won it's case against the credit provider. There was no proof or evidence to show any cases (let alone any cases instigated by the author) had been won in Australia.

The author also explicitly says in the books more than once that the onus is on us to do our own research, which I agree with to a point.

If I had paid for these books I would have been extremely angry, because after listening to the audios I was left with a certain impression, and an impression that made me desperately want to pay for these books, yet after reading them I had 'less' not 'more' confidence that I would be able to beat my credit card company.

I understand the points the author made, they are quite clear. The credit card company does not lend you any of it's own money, therefore the it is an exchange not a loan. The promissory note is then securitized and sold off to investors, and because of all of this, there is not full disclosure within the contract which renders it void. This doesn't even take into account the argument that there is no valueable asset backing the currency in circulation. There are of course others points too.

But my point is, what is the point to all of this information if we can not have at least some proof that it has been shown to be effective and here in Australia, not in the US?

The authors wife then told me they offer a service whereby they will get all the documentation for me, but this is only for mortgage related debts and that they do not deal with credit cards??????

So, I have to say I am very confused, disappointed and somewhat feel a bit misled.

Having said all of this, I still do consider the possibility that there is a way to beat my credit card company on the grounds presented by the author.

What I am asking for (which the author is unable to provide), is can anyone provide me with complete 100% evidence that here in Australia

1) A Credit Card company decided to terminate the contract and stop all proceedings to chase down a supposed debt based on the documentations provided to them by the recipient of the loan


2) A Credit Card company was taken to court and lost on the grounds mentioned above

I hope someone can point me in the right direction and thank you for your time

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