Tied in Knots by HBOS account and their credit card

Tied in Knots by HBOS account and their credit card

Postby Angelight » Tue Dec 07, 2010 11:46 am

Hello anyone out there who has experience or knowledge about this? It covers both credit cards and my bank:
Is there any guidance for responses to debt collection agencies who are attached to my bank (HBOS) that have my bank account details and the details of the credit card associated to that bank - where they make withdrawals (raids) of my account to put into the credit card? Or is there someone you know who can guide me as to what to do or say? I am a little too knew to waking up to the illusion to respond correctly. There may be provision where they claim to have the right to remove funds without my consent if communication breaks down or agreements are not kept. However, as far as I am concerned I have kept a private agreement by paying 1 uk pound a month into the card! I am unaware of any attempt to communicate with me at this moment! However, I am mostly unemployed and at times get a days work in film, yet without me knowing the sum of 99 pounds & 98p was removed on the same day that I had received a one off payment for some film work. I do not have constant access to my account info but if the debt collection agency for the Bank can enter my account at will I seem not to have any defenses as the money is gone anyway and I would have to plead for it back. (this has happened before).
Getting another bank account isn't an option at the moment, they check credit scores and my credit score is far below ground. I am actually trying to have enough money (or credits of pounds sterling) to provide a deposit for a room (I am at no fixed abode at the moment and so only have a nominated address for mail which I can not always go to so letters my get thrown or sent back) and I am trying to assist my son with money to get him onto a foundation course for Uni. Its not something that is going to happen if the bank or their agent take my funds each time I get a bit of it! I know the whole money thing is an illusion but we do still live in a society that functions and moves with a money perception. So I may be just reacting with anger and fed up right now. It may just blow over and I can get on with things, but the idea any income I get can just go by someone else’s actions is terrifying. Particularly as I could be in the middle of a promise where those funds are reserved for that purpose...
The history of all this is quite long and complex as I have for many years acted ignorantly, ie without knowledge to what is real and what the illusionary game is.
Hope someone can assist or get into some communication about it. Thank you...
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Re: Tied in Knots by HBOS account and their credit card

Postby Knightyknight » Tue Jan 25, 2011 12:53 pm


Apparently you can use this type of prepaid bank account so that you have complete control of your money and you don't need good credit to get one.
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Re: Tied in Knots by HBOS account and their credit card

Postby pitano1 » Tue Jan 25, 2011 3:44 pm

hi anglelight.

just read the tc`s on that link,sounded great till then.

there is allways `the post office.`

have you read the hbos terms/conditions?

have you any agreement with this interloper ?

as you mentioned ,you have had to beg in the past,`it seems not,`

tell them you want your account sorted out,and then `close it`.

pitano1 xx
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