12 Notices sent and various replies received any suggestions

Re: 12 Notices sent and various replies received any suggestions

Postby steve2577 » Thu Apr 29, 2010 11:08 pm

Hi there not got a lot of time to post a complete update.

HFC took me to court MCOL bulk clearing centre in Nottingham.

I defended

It has been moved to Oldham

I am defending

What will be the outcome of this well it could go 3 ways

1 Strike out by the judge (debt dissapears ie end of and then a counter claim)

2 They win then it's a CCJ and maybe £5 per month for 100 years

3 I win then the debt is sold and the whole process starts again

The solicitors have their masters and masters want action so its inevitable that they the solicitors will show they are working for their masters even if they feel its difficult to win a case so going down to the wire is to be expected and at some point they the solicitors need to pay more money to continue the action or draw a line and offer advice to their masters that continueing the fight is a loser.

One thing I have learned if they have a rock solid case they go for it otherwise the harass and send letters and threaten and phone and send letters and threaten in fact the more you get harrassed the weaker their case is.

So right now who knows I am expecting my first case to go all the way I have the relevant amunition to fight my corner and feel confident, it would not be in my interest or any other persons interest to divulge all our cards why play poker and show your hand.

I know that solicitors check these threads, I also know that people know this so it's difficult to divulge everything as this ultimately weakens the reason why these threads are here.


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Re: 12 Notices sent and various replies received any suggestions

Postby Dipsy » Thu Apr 29, 2010 11:39 pm

how on earth did you end up going to court as a defendant? With your cured claims against them you have a default judgement its OVER you WIN. You are the plaintiff! You should be going to court only to collect damages 3 times the amount more then they are claiming. (of course you told them you would do this didn't you in your notices to them and they agreed)

You should have filed your paper work trail in as Counter claim. Its a commercial contract they admitted they have no claim against you. You wrap your paperwork trail in an affidavit and file it. You don't even need to go to court BUT if you do then you are going as Special Appearance.

BTW when people respond to your notices make sure you get them to reply under full commercial liability or face perjury so they understand this takes them WAY OUTSIDE of their little dept collection office. They have no where to hide and get their full name and address. If they wont or cant do this then anything they reply to you is frivolous and notice to agent it notice to principle and they accept ALL of your claims. ie

wet signatures, consideration blah blah

Oh you mean you haven't got a contract oh well thats a shame you just admitted harassment, fraud, racketeering etc and if you pursue this against me you accept 3 times the amount as damages plus pay all my court costs. THANK YOU AND GOOD BYE.
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Re: 12 Notices sent and various replies received any suggestions

Postby strawmansarah » Fri Apr 30, 2010 1:21 pm

I'd like to see the judge put on Oath at the hearing, as well....
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