My notice to MBNA

Re: My notice to MBNA

Postby knowledgeispower-uk » Thu Dec 08, 2011 2:29 pm

Excellent Thread, just spent the last 30mins reading thoroughly.

Shame I have no debt! :(

Bar a mortgage of 80k, I took out 8months ago now, looking into what can be done with Mortgages. I believe they're a SCAM as well... :puzz:

Well done tho Mr. Frodo! :yes: ...setting an excellent example :yes:

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Re: My notice to MBNA

Postby Noisytone » Thu Jan 17, 2013 11:00 am

Just a quick question fellow debt crushers , Is a credit card statement actually an order for money ????? .

Im about to take on mbna and was getting my stuff together for sending the first letter off asking for proof of claim contract etc .

The reason i ask is that i was thinking of giving them an option while also boxing them in at the same time LOL . As V points out if an order is to be serviced then a fee is chargeable under normal buisness practice , If its not going to fuck up the process i was going to give it a try and whack in a fee schedule for servicing the order and offer them a contract . Theres so many good template letters out there just trying to get mine as together as possible . I dont know if anyones tried this approach .

Many thanks for your input on this

All the best

Tone :grin: :8-):
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