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lawsuits against the irish banks.

PostPosted: Wed Nov 21, 2012 9:27 pm
by holy vehm

The number of Irish people who have had enough of the Banks is growing each week. With the support of the Irish Constitution they realise that they too have options. I went along on Wednesday and met a number of folks from all walks of life, young married couples, business people, employed and unemployed people and the thing that struck me was that there was none of the angst we hear on a daily basis between public/private sector, employed/unemployed people etc.. etc.. it was all walks of life united in one common agreement, that the Banks caused the economic disaster and they should answer for those actions.

So, I along with my group of new friends went along to the Four Courts, into the arena where the Banks are usually comfortable and the common man is most certainly uncomfortable, we completed our individual Summonses paid our fee’s, photocopied our documents, and lodged them with the Court and retired to the Legal Eagle for a well deserved cup of coffee and intelligent discussion on the matters at hand.

This sight is now becoming commonplace on a weekly basis, I believe next Monday morning there will be another group leaving from the Spire in O’Connell Street for the short walk down to the Four Courts, if you would like to join this group, whether you want to file a suit or just want to find out more, go along you will be made very welcome!