Social Services 'Assessment' Results

Re: Social Services 'Assessment' Results

Postby FASEN8R » Mon Dec 19, 2011 2:15 am

holy vehm wrote:
FASEN8R wrote:"Child A is said to be of white British origin and to date holds no form of religious persuasion

This bit jumps out at me kev and your right, WTF.

I was not aware that a child had to be persuaded to be religious in order to satisfy the state.

Neither of my children are religious and have not been persuaded either way, both are white of british/albion origin thus i assume, i should be challenged by the state. I await their challenge with open arms.

What if the child decides for themselves to be religious, does the lack of persuasion go against them?

Do you get more points for persuading them really hard or choose a really hard religion to get your head around?

As religion is a form of mental slavery thus a negative for the child, is it ok to persuade them into other negatives such as voting, joining state agencies, becoming a person and so on?

Is this persuasion a tool of tptb in order to get people to become persons?

Hey holy vehm, thanks for your input too mate, hope you're keeping well :shake:
Yes, I raged internally when I read this too. It's almost saying that Religion HAS TO BE forced upon them to be considered 'categorised' :puzz:
Proof, beyond a doubt, that they DO NOT WANT FREE THINKERS!!
I have ALWAYS had the same opinion that should my children ever want to follow any religion it would be entirely their own choice. I would support and love them as usual but ensure that they were fully informed of all facts regarding their chosen religion. I personally refuse to poison my mind with any form of religion but also realise that they are entitled to their own freedom of choice.

'Persuasion' = ARGH!!! Dont get me going on that word!! :puke:

Just to clarify.....
When I spoke of 'Child A' It was my choice not to include my childrens names.
The statement regarding 'religion' was in ALL my childrens assesment papers. They had a set of papers each.
So this statement was actually made against Child A,B,C &D!!
I dont mind giving my partners or my name but want to keep some form of anonymity for my children :yes: :wink:


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Re: Social Services 'Assessment' Results

Postby holy vehm » Mon Dec 19, 2011 12:35 pm

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