Child Name Change

Child Name Change

Postby thelandlord » Tue Oct 25, 2011 3:28 pm

Hi i wonder if any one can help me,

ill try and keep it short and sweet,

im trying to get the name changed of my child.

the mother, had an affair with me, and didnt want me around the child for approx 12mths because she wanted her and her boyfriend to raise him, she lied to him for 11 or the 12mths, then she told him the kid wasnt his....... only because thte kid is mixed raced and the boyfriend was white. (i have phone records to prove she didnt want me around)

she then hounded down my phone after the break up and eventually i gave in, and started seeing n spending time with him (yes a dna test was done)
even thing was fine untill a few months ago, she suddenly changed, didnt want me seeing the child and only wanting me to see him at times only suitable to her. which are unworkable for to be a bitch she applyed for CSA against me . luckily im only on JSA and she could only get 20 a month taken frm the benefits, something i cant afford really.... anyway......

at birth the child was given the 'other mans' name....surname and middle name so i asked her to change it to what i wanted.... as im paying for the kid the least you can do is change the name to the rightful dads name....and i dont feel comfortable having her ex boyfriends name attached to my son...

she has ben stalling to change it saying that she cant afford it, which is a lie (something she is very consistant at doing).....
no she is saying that she will only change the name to what she wants , she'll give me a list to chose and i have to pick...

do I have any rights to take her to court and what grounds can i get the name changed to what i want?
shes also said shes going to apply for a court order for me to see my son, but i see him every week via arrangements throught her mother. would the case be dismissed as im already seeing him anyway and theres no need for a court order?

i thought court orders was ment for an agreement of two parties in order for the parent to see the child, if i'm already seeing my kid, why would i need to go to court?

can i get some opinions please, feel free to ask me questions also.

thank you
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Re: Child Name Change

Postby daisy<3 » Fri Dec 02, 2011 10:16 pm

hi there , hope things are settling down a bit for you.
i personally wouldn't name my child after anyone else .. i carried 'X' child for 9 months (10 actually !!) and gave birth therfore any child of mine would have my name. ... but in terms of changing the name - how about a hyphonated agreement ? both of your names ? ?
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