Enforcement Order issue

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Enforcement Order issue

Postby Jaid0gz » Wed Dec 26, 2012 4:18 pm

Hey there free wo/men

What I have in my hot little hands is an Enforcement Order issued by the government on behalf of the University I attended in 2012.

What happened was that I had parked for over 20 minutes at the residence where I reside (in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia) at Griffith University. This site was a loading zone and the reason was I was eating lunch and had to rush to make the meal. When I returned I had been issued a $100 AU ticket an "infringement notice" and subsequently I had requested the matter be appealed. I went and appealed it twice but to no avail as I was under the belief it had been resolved. This same infringement was then bumped up to the Governmental level where they increased the price from $100 to $166.90 which was ridiculous as s***. Now I am required to fix this issue... and I only have 6 days to have it done by. I only have 4 options to choose from; 1 being payment in full, 2 being an instalment plan, 3 being unpaid community service and 4, being a court election.

What would be the best route advisable - also, the order was addressed to my mother.

Are there legal ways around this?
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Re: Enforcement Order issue

Postby Freeman Stephen » Wed Dec 26, 2012 6:39 pm

in an ideal world.. .


your mother could point the finger at you if you couldn't point the finger at yourself and ideally you end up in court.

in court you tell the judge about how the bureaucracy hadn't taken account of the reality as they didn't think of reality when they were designing their forms.

the worlds not ideal though and the judge might realise that the form doesn't have space to describe a human with two arms and two legs and order that your limbs be removed to make it easier to fit your details on the forms.

it all depends how pwned the judges are by the system in your part of the world . . . if the choices theyve given you is the only choices you have.

alot of people ask for clarification of certain points on these menacing demands for payment and keep seeking clarification to the point where the people sending harrassing correspondence have to eventually admit they are criminals or put the whole issue into the part of the filing cabinet marked "oops fell down the back of drawer and I can't reach it to process it anymore".

bureaucracy and human failing as a combination can be good thing too you know. there's an ozzy site dedicated yo this stuff but I can't remember the name of it right now. perhaps another poster could provide it.
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