After sending DVLA the notice of understanding.

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After sending DVLA the notice of understanding.

Postby Sibs » Mon Jan 18, 2010 11:53 am

When the time has run out on them and you have won by Acquiescence is there anyone else you should send letters too..

Today is the day they had until "14" days. And this Baliff company still have that clamp on my car, has anyone got any suggestions as to what I should do for my next step!?

I have the commercial lien ready to print out and send but i sent them another letter first quoting some human rights acts and stuff basicly stalling up until this day.

Thanking all in advance for any help offered..!! :8-):

Also if something was to happen when you driving your car with no insurance or anything like that how would payments be settled ??

PS , i'm in the UK
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Re: After sending DVLA the notice of understanding.

Postby Oshun » Mon Jan 18, 2010 12:09 pm

Hi Sibs,

this may be of some help to you


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Re: After sending DVLA the notice of understanding.

Postby Sibs » Thu Jan 28, 2010 2:40 pm

I recieved a letter a week late from the DVLA regarding my NOTICE OF UNDERSTANDING

The content of the @notice @ you provided has been noted. However, I should explain a number of points regarding the licensing of drivers and the registration and taxation of vehicles.
The vehicle Excise and registration act 1994 requires vehicles to be taxed unless they are properly declared as being used or kept off-road (a statutory off road notification) The tax disc must be properly displayed on the vehicle and the vehicle must be properly registered with the DVLA. In addition , the driver must havevalid motor insurance and small vehicles over three years old must have a valid MOT certificate.
The road traffic act 1988 requires all drivers to hold a driving licence which is valid and appropriate for the class or category of vehicle in order to drive legally on uk roads. Those holding valid driving licences issued outside great britian may be permitted to drive here depending on the circumstances.
the notice you supplied if it has any effect, does not provide for any exception or exemption from these requirements or any other requirements with regards the licensing of drivers and the registration and taxing of vehicles. If you are stopped by the police and found to be in breach of the law regarding your driving licence and or vehicle then they will have no option but to report you for the offence. Similarly, if dvla receive any notification of such a breach then we will have no option but to take the necessarey actions to enforce the law...

Futher information on how to ensure that you may drive legally in on uk roads and on obtaining the necessarey documents to do so can be found at bla bla bla

:thinks: they full of shit but what can we do... it appears to me that just is only applys to them... and the people can scratch... Has anyone got any ideas.....

Thank you in advance for all your help on this matter.... :8-):
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Re: After sending DVLA the notice of understanding.

Postby bustachemtrails » Thu Mar 18, 2010 11:35 pm

Hi, i too have recieved a letter from DVLA with the exact wording as you have described above after sending a notice of understanding, intent and claim of right. Firstly, the letter was addressed to a Mr Robinson (my name, or to be more precise the name of my fiction or straw man) therefore it was not addressed to me the man, i explained within the notice that any further correspondance MUST be addressed to David of the Robinson family, and if it was not suitably addressed then it would be returned NCRTS with no dishonour on my part. Also the many points that i raised within the notice were ignored (of course) and all i was quoted were statutes or legal obligations. What i intend to do however is write another letter explaining the errors on their part, and i intend to inform them that the original notice still stands, the fact that they did reply does not (in my view) make any difference to my original notice and the 14 working days given for them to respond. I shall still send them a notice of estoppel as they have not responded to me the man and not answered the questions raised within the notice. I used the same notice that John of the harris family used, as it worked for him and so there is therefore no reason why it should not work for me. If anybody can throw anymore light upon my understanding of this i would be very grateful, either to confirm what i have already stated within this blog, or any information that may assist me further to ensure i make no mistakes. I believe this letter to be a bluff on the part of DVLA in the hope to put off my (or others) sending a notice of estoppel by aquiesence. I believe it Would be wise to NCRTS the letter and then to write again explaining their errors within my notice of estoppel ? David.
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Re: After sending DVLA the notice of understanding.

Postby sindakit » Thu Apr 08, 2010 8:51 pm

I haven't personally noticed the DVLA about right to travel freely etc. but what I take from their response is they are telling you that you need to tax a vehicle unless it falls under exemption rules and, if your notice didn't distinguish this exemption, you'll be liable.
Does your notice say you drive a vehicle or an automobile/private passenger automobile? You would need to stress this point and to make sure your able to go all the way with this, as it'll be a difficult one. i.e pleasuredome case. I haven't read or heard anything about his case since he was released so hopefully others close to PD can give a clearer picture of what to expect.
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Re: After sending DVLA the notice of understanding.

Postby Jgolding » Mon Jan 25, 2016 9:09 am

I may be thick please don't laugh I got clamped last year I thought road tax I got a letter to say unlicensed vehicle have I got rights wil the dvla know its not that I'm thic
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