Dual Citizenship Motoring

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Dual Citizenship Motoring

Postby Residentevil » Fri Jun 03, 2016 11:50 am

Greetings freepeoples,

I am a dual national. I hold a passport of both the UK and a Non-EU country. I wish to travel in my private conveyance on the number plates of my Non-EU nation but I wish to travel within the UK.
This reportedly is an issue involving HMRC and DVLA.
As a UK 'resident' I am allegedly not allowed to drive a non UK vehicle, but as a foreign 'resident' I am entitled to six months driving before the vehicle has to leave UK, provided it's insured and taxed abroad. I am looking to drive on a permanent basis. if I have to reregister my vehicle on a 6monthly basis abroad then so be it. Still 90% cheaper.

My confusion comes from the definition of the word 'resident'. I spoke to the DVLA who were unable to define it. One representative claimed that it was defined as having a valid UK passport, which if true by definition I am also resident of the other nation.
HMRC would like proof of import into the UK and proof of foreign taxation. I cannot provide proof of import as the only thing I will be importing are the plates, following deregistration by means of notification of permanent export.
HMRC should have no say as the vehicle is taxed abroad.
As a young traveller in a private conveyance i feel that the service provided by insurers comes at an unreasonable cost.

The word 'resident' has caused me issue in the past, with student loans. Exercising my right to live abroad in a country of which I am a citizen led to me being charged the international student loan rate (despite me being a UK passport holder)which I successfully argued over the definition of the word 'resident'. They eventually saw it as passport=resident, in which case I am a resident of two nations.

The other country of which I am a citizen and resident by legal definition is a commonwealth nation featuring a mixture of international, customary and British laws. The difference between driver and traveller is recognised far more than here. Corruption helps as well :giggle:
More details available upon request as I realise my explanation isn't the most clear.
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Re: Dual Citizenship Motoring

Postby musashi » Tue Jun 07, 2016 6:07 pm

I'm curious about why you take such obvious pains to avoid naming this other country.
In a case of war or other serious disagreement between these two countries where would your loyalties lie?
Clearly you are not loyal to us, have probably contributed nothing to Britain but want to benefit from its existence, so why should we help you overcome the system?

I find your post a fucking insult.

If you don't like our system then fuck off back to your ever so secret, never to be named other country - wherever the hell that is.
It's still fucked, isn't it?
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