Human trafficking and police failure to respond, please help

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Human trafficking and police failure to respond, please help

Postby VickiVonBlackwood » Tue Nov 15, 2011 8:55 pm


I found this site and was massively impressed by huntingross and his approach to his difficulties with LBP, I am afraid to say too much on here as I am afraid of it being damaging to my criminal law case but I am drowning in legislation and human rights conventions etc.

Is there a manner of discussing my situation with someone privately?
can anyone point me in the way of a good solicitor?

I really dont mean to sound like am being pushy or refusing to adhere to forum guidleines re contacting moderators as a new user, am just really afraid of saying something which later hurts the crowns case agaisnt the people involved. As my issue with the handling of this crime is my complaint needing help to legally remedy I am unsure as to how to proceed.

any help would be hugely appreciated

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