any ideas

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any ideas

Postby teapot » Thu Sep 15, 2011 2:51 pm

In the mid 90s i was contacted by the c.s.a. the form had my name and that of my partner but the child's name was incorrect. the name and birth date were not our child. so i ticked the box stating i was not the father, signed it and sent it back, i put my copy safe.

i did not have any other contact with the c.s.a. until 1999, when i was ordered to magistrates court, i was very naive at the time and employed a solicitor to take the only correspondence i had ever had with the the court which proved i could not be the father because the child was older than me. this he done and i assumed the case was over, he later requested me to attend his office, he then explained to me that the c.s.a. had made a mistake, he then produced a letter which asked me if i was the father of this person in the letter, which "was" my daughter correct name and birth. i told him i was, he then put me under pressure to sign it, asking me if i was denying being my daughters father, i told him that i had never denied my daughter, he stated if that was the case then i had better sign the form, so under stress i did.

i did not hear or deal with them again until 2006...where i was informed that c.s.a. deductions would be taken from my wages...a single payment was taken from my wages without my consent.i contacted them by phone to find out why....they did not offer me any information on this subject....i then informed them that if this continues, i would be seeking legal advice. but before the next payment could be taken i was laid off from my job. i found employment a few days later and heard nothing from them until this year.

2011..i received a letter stating deductions are to be taking from my wages, and payments are owed dating back to 2006 . the c.s.a have been helping itself to my pay ever since. i have exhausted all conventional routes...i.e....local MP,I.C.E,(inependant complaints examiner) and c.s.a...etc, i cannot prove i have taken care of my daughter all her life, and do not think if have to, she is a wonderful independent young lady of 18 years, her mother and i no longer get on, and she is not prepared to help, any advise would be appreciated.

thank you. teapot
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Re: any ideas

Postby nowares » Thu Sep 15, 2011 7:32 pm

They probably sent you a "notice" of which you agreed to, due to lack of response.
I would let them take me to court and dispute it there.

Probably should change your bank account in the mean time though.
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