Warrent officer called regarding warrent for arrest

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Warrent officer called regarding warrent for arrest

Postby SCORPIOUK » Thu May 25, 2017 9:27 am

Hi a warrent officer called today for my partner
We didnt answe door and recieve this letter through letterbox
See attachment. Is this scare tactics or can they arrest her
She did start to pay her arreas but stopped due to not being able to afford it
Any help would be appreciated
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Re: Warrent officer called regarding warrent for arrest

Postby iamani » Thu May 25, 2017 11:29 am


i have not had cause to research this (CT) yet, i certainly don't know about dealing with arrest warrants.

i do come across interesting info occasionally and it seems that the commercial process can be quite effective. Also maybe look into a Notice of Abatement, that they are harassing a living wo/man for debts of a person and to cease and desist.

You could write to the source of the warrant, or the local chief constable, with a Notice of Clarification asking if they are looking to arrest (eg) mary-jane or Miss/Mrs Mary Jane DOE. (Perhaps send this prior to N. of Abatement). Always copy, and send via registered/special delivery.

Just theories (for me) i'm afraid, but maybe worth considering...

Have you looked at GOODF site or GOODF.FORUMOTION.COM?
Lots of related vids on yt too, ceylon's put loads up - all good, lots are about CT, check troy's presentations too.

Good luck.

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