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Anyone in German Legalese here (Deutsche Amtssprache)

PostPosted: Sun Nov 09, 2014 10:07 pm
by anby

I'm pretty new to Freeman-on-the-land, yet already a stranger in my own country for some time (which has been Germany, as commonly called). I somewhat searched the forum already, yet found nothing in particular. So here's how come to write this.

I happen to hear about through Joe Kreissl in Austria, even though he has not talked about it himself so far as I got to know. Yet when I found Veronica's book, I imideately read it; and happen to find some major differences in what Joe and Veronica are doing. Now due to complexity I'll save this for another day.

Anyway, next to two other issues I manage very well so far (TV-bills and Unschooling), I recently have been harassed by six Highwayman (call them Policymen) for driving (a) without light, (b) with headphones limiting my ability to ride MY BIKE, and (c) free-handed (yes, they say they have a statue against that); while (b) simply is a blunt lie, however they have been six and I have been on my own.

I've already send a letter to the police president (which happen to be the originator in charge of the written notice against my legal fiction person), but now some jerk wrote back with all the bells and whistles (or better say without: registered post, yet no ink signature, "on behalf of" without mentioning on who's behalf, etc.) by very much ignoring my letter. (Did expect it, but not how dilettantish it is crafted.)

So now I'm looking into getting in touch with some likeminded individuals who may know some likeminded individuals who are into some German language related details and German Legalese related details AND maybe already familiar with Veronica's book and publications.

With love,
+49-30-8 six 8-70 two 70 two one, anytime!!
(hiding from search engines whereas I guess this forum is publicly public for them)