e book tax investigation foe dummies a must read

e book tax investigation foe dummies a must read

Postby mickstanley » Wed Sep 14, 2011 9:27 pm

an insight into the tax collection system written by an investagative journalist.
im from getoutoffree.org and been scrapping with tax for 18 months and wish id a copy of this book then it would have saved me loads of time and cleared my confused head.
ill lend you my copy ill need an email address mines plasterer2010@live.co.uk mention fmolt in email. veronica has
seen a copy ive asked her to post it.
mistakes i made dont bother with the complaints or adjudicator they are a time stalling info gathering exersize and never mind that rubbish about having to go through system to get to an mp /mp straight away
dont stand for any crap get it on paper all my letters stated all correspondence to be kept as evidence with the intention as using it as evidence . they dont half misrepresent there powers and lie through there teeth.
tax-hell.co.uk and hmrcisshite google them are useful sites and are running a name and shame policy as the papers did with pedoes ....watch out for tax aid they nicked some of my evidence .after reading the book it agreed with my conclusion of them .they havnt got fireballs from ther eyes and bolts of lightening from there arses ther human and equals ? my scrap continues ill keep you posted regards mickstanley
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Re: e book tax investigation foe dummies a must read

Postby openedeyes » Mon Aug 18, 2014 10:33 am

Is that: For Dummies.

I don't wish to be picky, but taking the time to ensure spelling and punctuation are right is something I would suggest we need to do. This is especially so in communications and our letters and instruments to HMRC.

"Get the little things right now and avoid a bigger thing ’some day.’" anon.
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