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Re: Income Tax Demand

PostPosted: Fri Jul 10, 2009 11:26 am
by duval
Hey BaldBeardyDude..
At last I'm getting somewhere with this Working Tax Credit fiasco...On a recent visit to the Job Centre I asked a member of staff if they new anything about WTC's. I explained to him what HM REVENUE & CUSTOMS had written to me about to which he replied that he thought my account had been 'scammed'. The same had happened to him! I call HM, explain my situation and that I've never claimed this benefit. The bloke on the phone tells me they've paid me over £3000 of WTC's! "No you haven't mate!" "Oh, the amounts have been paid into an account by the name of N. Brown." This is not me! It then transpires that several alerts had been activated on my N.I. account suggesting that it may of been hijacked as they call it. A form is then sent to me asking me to fill out why I'm questioning my obligation to pay. Although this does not fit the purpose of my situation, I fill it out best describing the apparent course of events. Now another letter has come from the same place (Glasgow) asking me to pay the original sum!!!!!!!!!! Back to square one...Ye Gods!
A counter claim? I'm surely tempted by such a notion as my situation is closely resembling a scene from 'Brazil" as every day passes ("You haven't filled out form 27B/6!") Before I write/call them again...any thoughts friends?

Peace, Love and HM CUSTOMS leave me alone.