82 year old man tasered by 'Da Law'

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Re: 82 year old man tasered by 'Da Law'

Postby Farmer » Thu Jul 28, 2011 4:55 pm

if you do not exercise your rights, especial those given to you by judges in the past to help you in these circumstances, you will lose those rights. Maybe people have already forgotten the way Tony Blair while giving a speech at a Labour Party conference made it plain that we, meaning they, cannot be concerned with a few innocent people being convicted as long as the guilty are always convicted. In other words: when we the elites make laws to outlaw certain activities now considered to be natural rights, we cannot be concerned that some of those sheep out there will be caught in the net who were not a problem to us. If you would like a more graphic picture of what I am referring to, just think of Argentina and Chile under the military juntas.
If you're scared of 'them' poisoning 'us' with some shit then maybe you haven't noticed the shit they are already poisoning us with.
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Re: 82 year old man tasered by 'Da Law'

Postby Freeman Stephen » Thu Jul 28, 2011 9:15 pm

bow humbly to the policy enforcers much honoured ability to use their strength and high intelligence to protect all from criminals and be sure to grant these fine upstanding people the reassurance that no real crime is being committed by yourself and be confident in the reasonableness of their discretion. or bat them across the face shouting fuck you copper because in truth its all they really have a grasp of.
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