Such statements are not acceptable IE Killing

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Such statements are not acceptable IE Killing

Postby newmannewy » Sun Feb 27, 2011 11:59 am

pedawson wrote:As far as I am aware the process of lien is all that is required. The offending party may have been notified and if and when necessary it can be sent to the credit agencies.

who will not be able to enforce it.

pedawson wrote:The unlawful use of a lien is a major offence and will result in prosecution, they are that powerful.

Would attempting to cause extreeme financial hardship against your fellow man's person above and beyond the originating controversy fall under this category ? Is it proportionate or dis-proportionate ?

pedawson wrote:Remember this, there have been people killed by these thugs and they continue to use FEAR tactics. Honour within the policymens world is to themselves and themselves only 'WE are the enemy and the source of their income.'

So they are separate from us and are our enemies ?. And here was me thinking they are us & we are them. Maybe we should start killing them in reprisal attacks ?

pedawson wrote:The PTB use statutes and fiction against us therefore it is fair game to use their own 'RULES' against them.
newmannewy I cannot believe you thought this post was in anyway helpful and I appologise to Lamaku for making this statement and to you newmannewy if I am incorrect.

Well these people who use fictions against us. Are infact us. So in order to settle a wrong our first mantra is attack, attack, attack ? You have hurt me - so im going to hurt you back mentality. (An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind). Here was me thinking peace is the path!

I guess the $50 million is only valid if Lamaku really truly believes hes been damaged to the tune of $50 million - and only lamaku knows that. - My own personal site dedicated to helping newbies wake up and see the bigger picture.
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