Same old, same old

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Same old, same old

Postby tiresome » Fri Nov 06, 2009 11:38 pm

I dont know how you managed to get someone like Barvas on side but he is starting to sound as brainwashed as the rest of you!

BORING :puke:

Re: Same old, same old

Postby mOz » Fri Nov 06, 2009 11:59 pm

Hi Tiresome and welcome :shake:
Without doing any mooching into the link you provided, is your post a tongue in cheek comment?

Just wondering about the brainwashed bit, cos i'm pretty sure that most of all of us here are "brainwashed" to certain degrees.
I certainly have been, but am trying my best to remove myself from that crap.

It's too late for me ta check out Barvas at the mo.

Please have a look around here and check things out.
Please PM me if you care to.

They said "The world may end in 2012''
They said " The NWO has a depopulation agenda"
I said "Pigs may fly"
Then swine flu...........

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Re: Same old, same old

Postby IamallthatIam » Sat Nov 07, 2009 12:41 am

HI Sheddy oops, my bad, I mean Tiresome,

What are you doing over here, get fed up of everyone talking the piss over at ORRP?

Not being funny, babe, you are most welcome here , BUT and its a big BUT, check out the facts for yourself rather than relying on the opinions of others. lets face it you wouldn't be dim enough to shove your head in the oven would you? Just because someone told you to. We have all been blessed with a brain , dirty or otherwise , why not use yours and see for yourself as opposed to relying on heresay. IF you want bullshit and bollocks stick to off roaders rants, there's plenty there. If not sit back and start reading for yourself and you never know you might learn something

love and light
angie x x x
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Re: Same old, same old

Postby kevin » Sat Nov 07, 2009 7:49 pm

tiresome wrote:I dont know how you managed to get someone like Barvas on side but he is starting to sound as brainwashed as the rest of you!

BORING :puke:

you are right, this post is very boring

Re: Same old, same old

Postby Veronica » Sun Nov 08, 2009 12:39 am

tiresome wrote:I dont know how you managed to get someone like Barvas on side but he is starting to sound as brainwashed as the rest of you!

BORING :puke:

I don't know who Barvas is, and I don't know who you are ... but he has quoted a massive chunk of my essay. Having read it, he possibly understands that it was just plain Common Sense. Perhaps that's what drove him 'onside' ... I do not know. If you are interested, then why don't you ask him?

It appears ... from what you say above:

1. Either you can't read ... or ...
2. You can't understand the simplest of things ... things that a seven-year-old can comprehend. (There is one of those, in South Wales, and she understands)

Anyway, it must be one or the other above.

But what I DO know is that if you come here - TO WHERE I PAY THE BILL ... and start acting the 'Big I Am' ... you'll only last about 5 minutes.

That much I know. You don't shit on me, while I pay the bills. So don't even bother to try.

(You seem to have picked yourself a very descriptive Username)

FYI: In the early days of this Board, it was trampled underfoot by the Size 14's of the UK Police Force. They showed themselves up to be totally pea-brained. (Most of them). We recovered from that, and carried on. To the point where many Members here will take them on any time, any place, anywhere ... and make them look utterly stupid.

Having survived that, and grown from it, do you really think we would be worried by the likes of you?
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