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Re: What's this?

Postby IamallthatIam » Thu Aug 20, 2009 11:55 am

pigpot wrote:Life, freeman-on-the-land...... Bull dust, disinformation!

I honestly think there is an awakening! Genuinely I do. How fast do you guys think is going to take until the goal is reached? Does 2012 have any part in this?

There most definitely is an awakening - there is no doubt about that and it has been going on for years , decades in fact, albeit at a much slower pace than what you see around you right now. Things are fast accelerating though and we all are going to see some very big changes , some for the good, some for the bad.

The 2012 thing has been blown out of all propotion, IIMO, all 2012 is, is a balance point if you like, a shift or change in energy , it is what all this awakening has been leading up to, things will still carry on beyond that pont but with some remarkable differences

Why do some on this site wish for David Icke to make contact?

Do you think that the Icke site has been invaded by Christians?

If would not surprise me in the least if "David's" site can been invaded by yet another controlling force lol. Unfortunately David is not and i don't think ever has been involved in the forums and,IMO, that is a mistake. You don't assign your name to something your are not actively involved in , you need to be there to know what is going on. thats one of the reasons why I have said that V should never leave this site , if ever the time came when she could no longer be here due to other demands it would be better to close the site down leaving the way for others to follow in her footsteps , or even better still create theie own path

I dont think there is a "Wish" for David to make contact - no need for it , he already has made contact , he is just far too busy with his own stuff at the moment. David is no different to any other human being that has an open invite here, WE ARE ALL EQUAL , REMEMBER :grin: The only thing we do insist on is appropriate behaviour , anyone that visits with the intention of causing disruption will get told it will not be tolerated , we have more important things to do other than sorting out petty squabbles

Why do you think TPUC and World Freeman Society have "negative vibrations" if you will.
Rob is cool and so is all of what he is doing , as for the society which he wishes to create you need freeman that are already armed with knowledge. they have been longer at it in Canada i think , where as here alot of us have just started out and we need to establish our knowledge before we can commit to ventures like his

These are only but a few questions. I have many more so please do not be offended by my asking as I am only seeking to expand what I know like all others here.

ask away , its what we are here for , it is how you learn , no offence ever taken by questions and a desire to learn , only by those out to waste time and cause friction

love and light to you

angie x x x
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Re: What's this?

Postby Farmer » Thu Aug 20, 2009 3:00 pm

kazz67 wrote:So why did you see fit to declare the 'rules' (read policies) the 'bottom line'. Why Make such a point when, in fact, no rules were being infringed? The ONLY thing you have succeeded in doing is creating disharmony and antagonism as far as I am can see.

For your convenience here is what I wrote again. It is very clear:

“No, the bottom line is every member of this forum which includes the admins and mods has to obey the rules, without which it is not possible to work together, join forces, share knowledge and understanding, grow, and learn. The rules are there to create an environment where proper discussion can take place and have shown that trouble makers are kept at bay. We all make mistakes and sometimes write something we shouldn't have, but people will realise what they have done when its pointed out to them. The trouble makers will just continue. Its simple really.”

It is also clear that it is a general statement in reply to something you wrote. Are you saying I am not allowed to make my views known? Are you saying I must only agree with what you say? I’m sure that is not what you mean. So I don’t really see where the problem is.

kazz67 wrote:It was not the rules themselves that I took exception to, but your eagerness to impose them thought there was no need or cause, thereby stifling the conversation that was beginning to flourish. (And thankfully continues, despite your input thus far.)

Where have I imposed the rules? I simply stated that there are rules and that they are needed.

kazz67 wrote:Are you not expressing your own views when you say that the 'rules' are the bottom line? Is not therefore a reflection of the world as it appears to you

Do you have morals you abide by? Would you say they are your world?

kazz67 wrote:That's nice dear. Now tell me again, was a thread being disrupted, the rules infringed?
Do you assume that I, who use the same name here as I do in TPUC am some kind of plant?? Or maybe you tink one who calls for unity is a 'general trouble maker'?
The point is, Farmer, you have, IMO, been wearing the rule book, so to speak, like any good policy enforcement officer wears his/her uniform.

I’m really curious as to why you are taking it sooooooo personally.

kazz67 wrote:
You are the only one that can decide what is right for you.

Thank you for the permission, though as a free being, I did not require it.

Well I have to say that I’m a little shocked by that reply. My reply was a well known saying which in this case I used to show you some respect.

kazz67 wrote:Exactly because he is so highly thought of. I personally have not had the time or the inclination to go snooping around for other examples.

“snooping”, interesting word to use.

kazz67 wrote:Though he was also accused, as far as I am aware, of being a troll.

Yes, I always find it interesting when someone accuses the person who started a thread of being a troll, especially someone like macswin.

kazz67 wrote:
It is also my understanding that posts have been deleted by the mods on TPUC. Is this true?

Indeed that is also true. Tell me, because I'd love to know, what assumptions do you leap to when you read that?

That you have rules you impose.

kazz67 wrote:Do you assume that controversial topics are edited or deleted? Do you assume that difficult questions are 'disappeared'?

Not at all. See above.

kazz67 wrote:Are posts never deleted from this forum?

None that I am aware of since I have been a member here.

kazz67 wrote:Posts are also edited at TPUC to remove personal insults, and thereby allow the conversation to flow. Is that wrong? - The conversations and discussions that we have over there since we introduced this system of moderation is testament to the fact that it is working, and that is to the benefit of us all.

Sounds just like what I was saying.

kazz67 wrote:You have your rule book, Tigs and I have our judgement.

Judgement is a good name for rules too.

It appears that I have been bad manured towards you kazz. That is certainly not what I want. So please accept my welcome.
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Re: What's this?

Postby huntingross » Thu Aug 20, 2009 4:38 pm

Soooo.....we can draw a line under this now....
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Re: What's this?

Postby Veronica » Wed Oct 28, 2009 3:02 pm

huntingross wrote:Soooo.....we can draw a line under this now....

Line drawn & thread locked.

It's wonderful that idiots like Pisspot (now banned, at the time of writing this) think I have nothing better to do than to read all their posts & challenges ... quite apart from the fact that it was BLATANTLY OBVIOUS bait.

The original start, his (or her first post) was utterly crass. Even if I had seen it at the time, I would not have dignified it with an answer.
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