Welcome to UK Police Officers

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Welcome to UK Police Officers

Postby Wolf » Tue Mar 24, 2009 11:05 pm

A hearty welcome to all Policemen.

As Freemen we are concerned about our country and the future we are building for our children. We see you as a bigger part of the solution than the problem. That's why we welcome you.

When we look in our hearts we find kindness ... yet when we look around the society being policed we find anger, unhappiness and discord. This upsets us and we want to help make things better.

Our mission statement is that peaceful action in accordance with Common Law is the only thing that can mend our heartbroken Island.

We do NOT know the complete solution because we feel we must ALL first understand the problem. And thats the difficult and painful bit. Why ? Because we have ALL been tricked in a way that completely beggars belief in its complexity, brilliance and treachery.

It will take you months or years to undo what you believe to be true. It will be painful. We will be by your side. From the bottom of our hearts know this: "the most cherished truths are the greatest lies"

And what hurts us the most ... is we can prove it.

We trust that you are here because you are brave. Maybe somewhere deep inside you know something is wrong. You are right. Please help us fix it. Please don't come here unless you wish to discuss, debate, and deliberate peacefully and honourably.

Please do not judge us. Some of us are very well qualified. Some rich. Some poor. We are NOT protesters. We are NOT hippies.

Money is at the heart of the problem because in FACT it is counterfeit. Our position is that if anyone CONTRACTS for gas, electricity, car, you name it, then they should pay for it. That's assuming a massive fraud and deception was not hidden in the contract they signed. And thats the problem we are trying to expose. We have no problem paying LAWFULLY-contracted bills!

One key issue you will find cropping up time and time again is the FACT that, in this country, the CPS, all courts, all lawyers use a DIFFERENT dictionary to everyone else. They define words, in some cases, to have an expanded meaning. Meanings which Common Sense tells us these words should never have. This is all so so easy to prove and yet some how Officers will not look in a Law Dictionary. Why ?

Above all please understand that all groups of people have bad eggs. We are no different. Our Moderators are as tough as nails. Please report anything you are unhappy about. But be warned of one thing ... we stay on the subject here. We don't deviate. Not for a second. Why ? Because we, above all else, are seekers of the truth.

Come join us ...
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Re: Welcome to UK Police Officers

Postby holy vehm » Fri Apr 16, 2010 1:06 pm

This post appears on here http://www.ukpoliceonline.co.uk/index.php?showtopic=41026&hl=fmotl&st=20
bit of a piss take me thinks.

[Edit - HR. There's some good points further down the page, regarding harm, loss, common law and magna carta....but it's not clear if they are cops or joes.]
"A ruler who violates the law is illegitimate. He has no right to be obeyed. His commands are mere force and coercion. Rulers who act lawlessly, whose laws are unlawful, are mere criminals".
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Re: Welcome to UK Police Officers

Postby pedawson » Sun May 20, 2012 11:14 am

Just though this should be placed at the top again, it is relevant and still as current as when it were written.
Namaste, rev;
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