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Hierarchy of the United Kingdom and operating in Private

PostPosted: Thu Dec 27, 2018 1:00 pm
by scampy
Hi All,

Before reading please forgive me as it scramble of trying to get thoughts on paper and mixture of random questions, Please feel free to address and points or give information that may help

I have been studying what I call the "strawman effect" for the last couple of years. I have been gleaning whatever bits of information I can via Youtube videos and the Like. Videos from Jordan Maxwell, John Harris, Bill Turner, Mark Christopher etc. All of the videos in regarding this topic have good bits of important information. However for me its very hard to comprehend as I am sure it is the case for many of you as to how it all works and operates.

It seems as though the rules the way we should operate and react to the system are very similar yet very different depending on where we are born, United Kingdom, United Sates of America, Australia etc. Its seems that Bill Turner from Australia has managed to find a technique to operate in private using PPSR and others from the United States are using this method via UCC-01. I am assuming here in the United Kingdom this must require some sort of declaration to the HMRC, possibly setup some kind company at Companies house, maybe even a letter to the Treasury/Chancellor of the Exchequer etc.

Once you realise you are NOT part of the system, that system must provide remedy for you to live as honourable man/woman. Currently in the United Kingdom I do not see anyone who has managed to complete this process. Where do we get this remedy is main question, this is the crux of the issue. We are not here for profit/commerce, we are to live and let live in peace. I am in pursuit of this remedy, if you are yourself looking into this and are much further down the line then me, please do reply and let me know.

1. I live in the United Kingdom, is the United Kingdom a corporation? I am assuming it has to be. If so what is hierarchy of that corporation, who is the head of that corporation. Is it the the Queen? as in the crown corporation. Is the government subservient to the head? basically is the government simply doing the bidding of the crown? All members of parliament swear oaths to the queen etc

2. Is the United Kingdom bankrupt?? like the USA, the people of America have been pledged to debtors/assets of the Operation known as the "UNITED STATES OF AMERICA" This is done via the monetisation of the citizens birth certificate.

3. I am assuming that in the United Kingdom that similar process takes place, without realising it our parents unwillingly duped by the state/government created a strawman for us via our birth certificates. I have no doubt that these birth certificates (bonds) are sold on the stock market, they are not owned by the living man/woman rather they are property of the crown. I am assuming here the own who takes ownership of the strawman is the one who must provide remedy,

4. who actually has the authority in Constitutional Monarchy, what role is played by the Queen, Prime Minister, Members of Parliament, (personal sidenote) House of commons and House of Lords, who does what and who has authority over the other etc.

5. Do judgements in courts made in the USA/Australia, I am assuming these judgements were made under maritime law and are applicable where maritime law goes.

6. When the United Kingdom abandoned the Gold Standard 1931, what exactly happened to all money in the UK.

Sorry for all the different random question/statements. If you can help with any of this then please reply.

My main objective to find a valid solution/remedy for living in peace as living man in the United Kingdom

Re: Hierarchy of the United Kingdom and operating in Private

PostPosted: Fri Dec 28, 2018 5:05 pm
by iamani
Hi scampy

Nice to see someone new posting.

Yes the UK is a bankrupt corporation owned by its creditors (the banksters). i suspect it has administrators rather than a CEO.

Yes the people (or rather the people's sweat-equity) are pledged as security to the (national) debt via the birth registration system, which is run by the Crown.

There are two Crowns: Her Majesty QEll; and Her Majesty the Queen in Right of England. The second one is the Crown Corporation which is owned/run by the banks.

The government functions in bankruptcy - this and perpetual war is what allows fiat currency to be imposed on the 'persons' of the country (but not the 'people'). Government is under control of the false creditors (banks).

Whomsoever presumes or is appointed to act as Trustee to the ALLCAPS name is liable for its commercial obligations.

Queen, Prime Minister, MP's - all are merely actors playing a role. Much the same as us only they do it in full knowledge and are so truly guilty. Everything is run (on the face of it) by the three city states - the Vatican (rules the soul); City of London (rules the mind); District of Columbia (rules the body).

Don't be overwhelmed fella, but if you really want to comprehend how we reclaim our rights it's gonna take (me too) several more years of study. On the other hand, there are bits and pieces you can do to ease any plight along the way.

The reason you don't see anyone who has achieved this aim is because the idea is to fade into the private - which precludes public spoon-feeding of golden info.

When you realise that not everybody is ready to take responsibility for themselves/their estates you will have an idea of one reason the accomplished private-men no longer post in public.

Hope that helps.


Re: Hierarchy of the United Kingdom and operating in Private

PostPosted: Fri Dec 28, 2018 6:08 pm
by scampy
Hey, Glad to get a reply back, thought my post went under the radar.

Firstly thanks for the reply info regarding the United Kingdom, I had hunch that it was a bankrupt cooperation, but I was not 100% sure. Do you have any further info on that or date?

Concerning Trust, I think I have basic understanding regarding them. 3 offices, the office of Administrator, The office of Creditor and the Office of Debtor. Please tell me if this correct or not

The office of the Debtor is usually the trustee/trustees
The office of the Creditor is usually the Beneficiary (is this the Executor???)
The office of the Administrator is usually the Fiduciary

Regarding the golden info of operating privately in the United Kingdom, could you point me in the right direction please, I am assuming this be some kind UCC filing or notification to relevant authorities via affidavits? HMRC maybe

I was looking into certificates of live birth, but unfortunately nothing like that is available in the United Kingdom, its seems the only document available is the birth certificate. I am assuming here that as soon as the child is registered , he is presumed dead as a ward of the state of the date of registration via the informant (usually the father)

This really has me worried as me and my wife are expecting and the due date is around July 2019 and I was hoping to find good alternative rather then declare my child a ward of the state.

Any info would be invaluable for me at this time.

Re: Hierarchy of the United Kingdom and operating in Private

PostPosted: Fri Dec 28, 2018 8:31 pm
by iamani
Hi scampy

Happy to help - not happy to recreate old posts. i think i've answered most if not all of your q's in previous posts.

If you click on my avatar 'iamani' on one of my posts you get access to all of my posts. If you read them you will probably get even more than you have asked for, and for the hour or two it takes you to read them you will gain the benefit of perhaps hundreds of hours of thought, study and research. How much is absolutely correct i don't know - but that's just how it is in this game.

Believe me, you will have many more q's before you finish reading. Should you take the time to do so, then i will take the time to answer them (if i can).