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An Intro.... - Offences against the person - LAs & bailffs

PostPosted: Wed Dec 13, 2017 3:01 pm
by Tolkny
Very late to this but that is how it is.

I chanced here earlier - searching for information to satisfy my curiosity. I did not find the answer & it is not very important anyway, but the forum looks interesting and relevant to some of my interests, so I thought I will have a look in.

Nearly 69 - Male - using a pseudonym because I am not quite sure about it here yet.

Live in Maldon District, Essex, previously in Merseyside and a briefish sojourn in North Kent many years ago after an upbringing in Walthamstow.

Worked in Criminal Justice mainly with a bit of social work in a juvenile court, not so long before they became Youth Courts.

I saw an old film - pre 1960 where a man brandished a gun at a police officer and was not arrested for that fact. I did not see the whole thing it was silly and simplistic but I was trying to think whether back then there was a threatening behaviour type offence - I am sure there was , but I could not recall that for definitely. I do not need to know but wondered - probably something in the Offences Against the person Act of 1860 something or other 1 or 3 - I think.

Anyway I saw you have got involved with warrants and bailiff's and having a recent experience - that I caved in about for a quiet life, I have not given up a notion of maybe taking on the Local Authority who wrongly issued the penalty - not completely wrongly but made a bad use of discretion and did not take proper consideration of equalities legislation regarding neurological difficulties.

I had hoped that before a county court order was applied I would have been summoned to appear - in truth I did not even read all the bumf, but was awaiting that summons with the expectations I would appear and at least be able to explain my position and test the law. However, all I noticed was a bailiff's letter with nothing direct to me from the court - which was several counties away - so I paid up at that point but maybe I will eventually at least try and shame the LA in the local media, although other issues are really more important.

it just seems wrong that so many judgments are now handed down without real judicial consideration & maybe I will investigate the experiences of others when I have a clearer head than at present.

So that is me, I haven't read everything I have been prompted to read, that is part of the difficulty with my disability.

So apologies if this is wrongly placed.

I do not expect much by way of responses but would welcome suggestions or links to where I might look aaamongst this vast repository of experience.

Thanks for having me (my mother taught me to say)

Re: An Intro.... - Offences against the person - LAs & bailffs

PostPosted: Thu Dec 14, 2017 11:09 am
by MikeThomas
Welcome Tolkny :shake:

This site is an 'archive' of the beginning of this movement of truth but is still relevant. For up to date bailiffs/ court orders why not see our good friends here:

Re: An Intro.... - Offences against the person - LAs & bailffs

PostPosted: Sun Dec 17, 2017 2:36 pm
by iamani
Hi Tolkny

Welcome to the site. If Goodff. is not to your liking feel free to return - i'll be happy to catch you up on what's what and answer any questions i'm able to.