How do I start

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How do I start

Postby Prettyinpink101 » Sat Nov 14, 2020 8:49 pm

Does anyone have any tips regarding freeman letters ?
I’m not sure where I get them officiated ?
Any other reading material I have read veronicas books which are
Very interesting
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Re: How do I start

Postby Freeman Stephen » Sun Nov 15, 2020 10:51 pm

In theory, you write your notice of understanding and intent on a piece of paper and it must be truthful and reasonable (it needs to add up) and you write it and sign it solemnly in the sense that there's no lies, no fraud and nothing but the truth as you see it written there and in theory, your adversary who is served with the notice is thereby invited to counter the notice so that if you are mistaken in your understanding then they have the opportunity to cure this misunderstanding and in theory it should lead to a situation of peaceful resolution if you're understanding is mistaken and they go on the record saying, for example, "No you are mistaken, you are obliged to obey the laws made in a country outside of her majesties dominion whilst a British subject in the UK". This would effectively counter you're notice but they will not counter such a notice because to do so would be an admission of high crimes you could take to the court and have them imprisoned for life by, so in theory that's how the Notice of Understanding and Intent (Noui) works. They are already so far in the shit that they cant dispute the truth without going to jail despite their alleged authority.

They do not dispute it because they daren't. They generally just ignore the notice but before a court that notice is regarded as important as the notice saying you need to pay money to use this car park and their ignoring the notice comes down to the old idiom that Ignorance of the Law is No Excuse. Your notice believe it or not, stands as the truth unless it is disputed. They have no expectation that you should have any other understanding than the one you have given them. If they just make up their own understanding and start acting against you based on their baseless presumptions, they only have the power of evil on their side and to the extent they will obey the laws of civilised behaviour you can shut the door on them and never have any association with them again.

If you want to stop any further harassment from them, once they have demonstrated their ignorance (not naivity but that they ignored it) you can then send them a claim of right based upon the notice you gave them that they did not dispute. They can dispute this claim as well but they need to dispute the notice and if they binned it, then its their problem disputing it with any substance which a court of competent jusisdiction will require them to have. "You need to obey me because I said so" is written in so many sophisticated manners today but judges aren't stupid and if all they see is "you need to obey me because I say so" on the one side of the scales and you saying "I dont need to obey you because THIS, THAT, THE NEXT THING" on the other, the judge will be looking for more information from your adversary regarding their claim over you. Slavery has been abolished but the way these frauds practice their abuses is incredible that the enslaved may not even realise they are being enslaved. Can they bind the mind of a wise judge like they bind the minds of the people they exploit?

They know that you probably cant afford to take them to court so they try to take advantage of this and they work in cahoots but you should know that they cannot afford to take you to court because even with the best lawyers in the world, if their whole argument is based on the fact they committed treason in 1993 and they hope to hold any authority over you based on that fact, no case they can bring against you in a court of law can stand if its demonstrated to the judge that their entire existence is treachery. The system should trample them underfoot and this is what even the richest most powerful of the traitors cannot afford until they have the courts under their absolute control and things are not going well for them.

The claim of right (cor) is the second letter and it basically says "stop harassing me because every time you harass me, I'm going to charge you money" All the money belongs to the crown so its neither here nor there in the grand scheme of things but any time they send you a bill send them one back stating your assessement of where the account is at. If they don't like receiving bills from you then you could say "well how do you think I feel being expected to pay you money for the simple fact I'm alive and in some kind of debt bondage from birth to death which was declared illegal on an international scale decades ago" but people who behave like this act without conscience so just keep sending them the bills. Dont expect you will get any money out of it. Maybe you will but its unlikely however what can they now do about the situation their lies have them wrapped up in now? Take you to court over a bill that they owe you. with life imprisonment hanging over their heads?

Oh but Im the government, Im the taxman, Im this Im that. They are nothing but a shower of vampires who need you to sign their paperwork in order to acquire any rights from you which they expect you to do because they say you must but if they already had those rights, they wouldnt need you to sign anything. It would already be the law and they could take you to court already but they don't. They harass you with no expectation that you will ever take them to court and they have zero expectation that they will ever take you to court. They will just harass and harass and harass until eventually you will look back and you will notice that you once had dealings with the mafia who you thought were the government when really, they were just criminals practicing fraud. They don't like that state of affairs being mentioned. They don't like Jesus either. They are always complaining that the church pays no taxes but the reason the church doesn't pay any taxes is because there's no legal requirement to pay any taxes ... this is not the story you will hear when you listen to your television, when you listen to your TV but I dare you to have a look at the preamble of this years Finance Act. Or last years finance act, or any years.

This is just one example where the actual legislation contradicts the law as it is described by the TV industry. Do you believe you are the person those duties are granted to? Since they are freely and voluntarily granted to the person who has those duties, are you obliged to accept what is being granted if you are the person the finance act is being addressed to? Funny how no one knows anything you are talking about when you mention the constitution. Its like a little button for the little robots who saw fit to enslave us. If we cant switch them off at will by accessing the constitution they don't know anything about. Bye bye robot. Thanks for your service.

Now in regards to private entities, the matter becomes a little more complex. Good neighbour policies are important as these are not the corrupt who have come to collect temple tax for the temple from which the tax payers are being barred. These are just our equals, some of whom may be behaving honestly in matters more complicated than we recognise and some may be acting dishonestly deliberately trying to keep the ones they are deceiving in a state of confusion.

When I was 15, while I recognised theft to be a crime, a bit of petty pilfering from the shop I worked in seemed to be going on and I indulged in it. Who was I affecting? Some group of shareholders of a business so far above me and so wealthy that they wont even notice if I steal a pack of batteries for my walkman (a kind of mp3 player for old people lol). Imagine me explaining myself on a noucor claiming I had the right to steal batteries from the shop owners. Could such a nouicor (notice of understanding and intent - claim of right) ever add up. I get to steal your stuff because I work in your ship. But at 15, these things make perfect sense in the insensibility that no one will notice the odd pack of crisps, the odd can of coke, the odd pack of batteries ... no ones really at a loss ... amongst the people I can clearly see.

I dont know what your dispute is but try writing the claim of right and then consider yourself to be on the receiving end of that claim of right and question whether if you, having received that claim, have some right you would be willing to give up. I dont think the shop owners would be willing to give up their right to not have their stuff stolen by me but if I wrote them a NOUI then they could quickly clear up the matter by countering my misunderstanding that being an employee gave me some dibs over some of the shops stuff. Confusions can arise in the more complex world beyond being 15 and the NOUICOR process can sort these things out in a civilised manner and it is a thing thats been getting used in courts for decades although not called nouicor. It is based on standard legal procedures which are brought to the fore by fmotl people as a mechanism for resolving disputes in a world where legality is now in conflict with morality with the hope of peaceful resolution.

The thing is, the people we are dealing with are not necessarily peaceful. You might find incidents which just seem like accidents which are too exacting to be anything other than an abuse by T.H.E.M. (the reptillians, the devils, the nazis, call them what you will but they exist and they are out to suck you dry).

On this site, people suggest a three letter process rather than NOUI - COR.

The Noui says this is my understanding and I intend to act as if this is good understanding unless you correct it.
The Cor says this is my rights which I claim to be mine unless you can dispute them and they are based on the understanding you have been served with at noui

The third letter in the three letter process is kind of like "Are you absolutely sure you dont want to dispute any of what I have given and you choose to ignore at your own peril. It just reiterates the NOUICOR and gives them a sporting chance to remedy the situation.

...but they are in charge. Im in charge, whos in charge, hes in charge no Im in charge. Im the king of the castle and your a dirty wee rascal. Do you remember those games at school? Do you still play them? There are people who took those games very seriously and they never grew up. You need to defend yourself from them and they are convinced that their inchargeness gives them the right to enslave people. It does not. If they had such a right you would be in court already and not merely threatened with such.
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